Education Teaching Alliance Lewisham

Raising achievement in mathematics

The Raising Achievement in Maths programme aimed to raise standards in Numeracy by developing subject knowledge and securing teaching excellence through evaluative reflection. Using a peer led school-to school approach across 13 Lewisham primary schools allowed the project to consider local need, build in sustainability and subsequently to disseminate findings and expertise on a wider scale. All schools in Lewisham were invited to take part.

The main objectives of the project were to develop the subject knowledge of maths leaders in schools and then supporting leaders to pinpoint the specifics of good maths teaching and learning. This would enable them to disseminate these skills and knowledge effectively within their school setting.

The evaluation of teachers’ practice and pupils’ outcomes reported improved subject knowledge and better understanding how to support gaps in pupils’ mathematical understanding. At least five schools used IRIS video capture technology. Teachers were asked to capture an aspect of teaching that they felt had been enhanced by the workshops. Developing teaching strategies impacted on assisting the increasing maths leaders’ leadership skills and confidence to share and support others’ subject knowledge.


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