Connecting Knowledge

Enhancing subject knowledge by using teachers as ‘experts’ to secure school improvement and exceptional outcomes for pupils


Rosendale Primary School in partnership with UCL

The project employed an evidenced based joint practice development approach of ‘Lesson Study’ with maths teacher (designated ‘leading professionals’) who transferred and embedded subject knowledge.

The ‘leading professionals’ conducted ‘lesson study’ with groups of teachers who collaborated to plan lessons, observe pupil learning in detail, feedback and refine strategies with target pupils. Teachers focused lessons on planned impact with pupils on agreed aspects of the mathematics curriculum, in particular ‘number’ skills and problem solving. Senior leadership support and collaboration led to the development of key teaching knowledge and skills.

At project end teachers reported that they’d seen significant gains in pupils’ learning and achievement in mathematics. They noted an increase in pupils’ focus, confidence, resilience, perseverance and collaboration in learning tasks. Pupils were more able to articulate their learning process while solving mathematical problems.

I will feel confident to leave the target group and that I am sharing my time amongst the class, pushing on the higher achievers and supporting the middle achievers. The target group will be concentrating on their work and will be busy with the activity. 

 Rosendale Primary School was awarded further funding through the Subject Knowledge Hubs programme.


Lesson Plans and Case Study - Download examples of the lessons plans used in the project as well as a case study of the programme.