Sponsorship programmes

Sponsorship helps sponsees create connections with senior leaders who will advocate on their behalf, open up networks and create opportunities to help them propel their career forward.

While mentoring is valuable in helping to build self-esteem and provide a sounding board, sponsorship goes beyond emotional, social and personal development. Sponsors are there to give the employee visibility and access to networks and opportunities.

What are the benefits of the Our Time programme?

For participants (sponsees): A senior advocate who will help prepare you for your next goal. They will open doors to experiences and networks, provide you with greater visibility and support you to develop a greater understanding of how to utilise your strengths. Through the cohort, you will have the opportunity to develop stronger peer connections across the organisation.

For champions (sponsors): Demonstrating a commitment to equality and the satisfaction of actively helping to shape the pipeline of future female leaders. In addition, exposure to high potential senior women that will expand your 'A-Team' and personal impact across the organisation.

Our Time toolkit

Our Time is a sponsorship programme that can support any organisation with gender inequality at senior levels and we want it to be adopted across workplaces in London. 

We have launched a free toolkit so organisations across all sectors can deliver Our Time and help create a step change in the number of women in senior leadership roles.

The toolkit provides a unique opportunity to access a fully developed programme that will help break down the barriers preventing women from progressing. It can be the first step you take to proactively tackle barriers, or be used to complement a comprehensive suite of existing talent development or diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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