Introducing Our Time - Supporting Future Leaders

London is one of the most diverse, progressive and inclusive cities in the world. Despite this, gender inequality is a real problem - particularly in the workplace.

We need more women leading London to make our city even more successful. An initiative called Our Time - Supporting Future Leaders has been launched to tackle gender inequality in the workplace and break down barriers that prevent women from reaching the top.

Read the Mayor's full message on tackling gender inequality and Our Time.

What is Our Time?

Our Time is a sponsorship programme that pairs highly talented women with champions at a senior management level, either female or male, who will help to open up the professional networks, opportunities and contacts often needed to progress to leadership positions within workplaces.

The programme contains two key features:

  • A twelve month one to one sponsorship relationship which offers the key to unlocking opportunities and networks, providing participants with a tangible launch pad towards the next stage in their careers.
  • A six month formal development journey which provides facilitated conversations to kick-start the sponsorship relationship, develop a strong network in the cohort and learn how to manage other barriers that may exist.

Why London needs more women leaders

  • 6
    FTSE 100 Companies CEOs
    Only six CEOs in FTSE 100 companies are women*
  • 0.5%
    Pay Gap Improvement
    In 20 years, the gender pay gap has only improved 0.5%*
  • 28%
    Charity CEOs
    Just 28% of charity CEOs are women*
  • 10%
    Increase in gender diversity on senior teams boosted earnings 3.5%**

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