How to support young Londoners with insecure citizenship

This guidance aims to help carers and all those supporting children and young people in London to understand their rights to British citizenship and residence in the UK. It provides an overview of what a child or young person’s legal rights might be and information on what you can do to support them.

Don't let them disappear

If you work with children and young people in London, it’s likely that you work with some who are not British citizens. Almost a quarter of Londoners are not British, and thousands of children and young people grow up here without holding British citizenship.

This guide has been produced by the Mayor of London because nationality, immigration and EU law are very complex. It can be hard to know a child or young person’s status, their rights and how to support them.

Please note that this guide is not legal advice. You should get legal advice from a regulated adviser or solicitor based on the child or young person’s individual situation. To find a lawyer, please look at the website of the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association.

For further information on the rights of non-British children, please look at the Coram Children’s Legal Centre website. If you cannot find the information you need, you can contact Coram Children’s Legal Centre for free, one-off advice.

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