Guidance for young Londoners on securing rights to citizenship and residence

This guidance is to help young people looking to secure rights to citizenship and residence in the UK. It aims to help young people to identify what legal immigration options they have and the steps to take towards obtaining citizenship.

This guidance is for young Londoners

  • who are not British citizens or EEA nationals, and who are not applying for refugee status
  • who are 24 years old and under, who came to the UK at a young age and find that they do not have any legal immigration status
  • who have limited leave to remain – a biometric residence permit that they must renew every 30 months within a 10-year period
  • who were born in the UK but may not automatically be British citizens

Please note: this guidance has been created to aid young people on the path to regularising their status. It does not amount to legal advice and should not be relied on exclusively.

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