Migrant lunch meeting

Encouraging integration

People come to London from all over the world to visit, live, study and work - some of these people are migrants, who choose to come, and others are refugees, who are foced to flee conflict and persecution. We want everyone, including migrants and refugees, to be able to contribute fully to London. Encouraging everyone to be part of their community is crucial to this.

Joining the community

We want to encourage migrants and refugees to fully contribute to, and integrate with, the communities they join to live and work. This needs a positive involvement from both migrants and refugees, and the settled community.

Everyone should have a part in their community. Integration helps migrants and refugees to contribute to London in safety and in dignity.

Helping migrants and refugees to integrate

In 2009 the Mayor published his strategy for integration, to help migrants contribute fully to London. This was then updated in 2013: London Enriched update.

London Enriched sets out our priorities, to:

  • help refugees and migrants to settle into their new communities
  • increase their access to English language learning
  • support them in contributing to their communities and to London

Being able to speak English is crucial for migrants and refugees joining their communities successfully. We have carried out some work to identify why learning English is essential, what the barriers to learning English are, and how these barriers can be overcome. Improving access to English language learning is a priority for the Mayor.

Making immigration work for London

To make sure immigration is beneficial for all Londoners the Mayor agreed to lead the Home Office’s London Strategic Migration Partnership (LSMP). There are similar partnerships across the UK.

The LSMP brings together different organisations to look at migration issues and how they impact on London and its migrant communities. LSMP's mandate covers the full range of migration in London - it makes sure that London remains internationally competitive and supports people to integrate.

We set up the Migrant and Refugee Advisory Panel (MRAP) to work with us, the LSMP and other organisations that provide services to communities. MRAP advises us on the issues and challenges facing refugee and migrant communities in London.

To find out more about the work of the LSMP please refer to the below:

Understanding migration in London

We commissioned Oxford University to look at migrant integration in London. Several key findings from this 2010 report were:

  • London is the favourite UK destination for young and economically active migrants
  • London’s migrant population is both younger and longer established than the migrant population in the rest of the UK
  • there is a large split in London’s migrant population: many have the highest income and skills in the city, and many are among the most disadvantaged

The full report is called An evidence base on migration and integration in London.