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Improving equality

London is a wealthy city, but there are still many differences in quality of life across the city. We want to make sure that everyone in London has access to opportunities that can improve their lives.

Improving equality in London

The Mayor wants to create a London that provides equal opportunities for all its people and businesses. We want to stop inequality.

We are doing this by:

  • complying with the Equality Act 2010: an Act of Parliament that provides advice on how to improve equal opportunities for specific groups across the country
  • creating our own plans for better equality in London: Equal Life Chances for All (2014)
  • using Equal Life Chances for All to make sure we consider equality in everything we do – when we write policies and projects, set budgets and make decisions. This is called mainstreaming equality

How are we improving equality?

Our Equal life chances for all document describes how we will improve equality in London. Our objectives include:

  • making sure all communities, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, benefit from London’s success
  • talking with every community so we understand the different needs of all Londoners
  • supporting the growth of different markets, workforces and suppliers across London
  • making sure that the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games benefits all Londoners

What have we achieved so far?

Over the last two years great progress has been made. Some examples of our successes in improving equality are:

  • increasing the London Living Wage by almost three per cent to £8.80 per hour, and then even higher in 2015 to £9.40 an hour
  • staging another Know Your Rights campaign, encouraging older people to claim benefits that they may be entitled to
  • creating 100,000 apprenticeship places by the end of 2012, and setting a target to create 250,000 more by the end of the Mayor’s term in office
  • updating our London Enriched strategy, which supports the integration of refugees and vulnerable migrants

For more information about how our work improves equality for different communities in London, please go to our communities page. Or read our Equal life chances for all publication for more detail.

Checking how our policies are helping

We have a duty to report on how we are performing against the guidelines set out in the government's Equality Act 2010.