Mayor's Annual Equality Report 2009/2010

Date published: 
24 January 2011

This report shows how the Mayor’s vision for equal opportunities for all Londoners, Equal Life Chances for All, has been embedded into the GLA’s work.

The report concludes that overall, significant progress was made during 2009/10 moving towards the Mayor’s vision of achieving exemplary equality policies and practices across the GLA. Central to delivery of the Equal Life Chances for All framework is the process of mainstreaming – making sure equality is integrated into everything the organisation does, including how it procures goods and services.

Work started during 2009/10 to collate and analyse information on the GLA’s measures of success set out in Equal Life Chances for All - a list of indicators to enable us to measure progress in promoting equality of opportunity. Information on these measures will be widely disseminated and updated, including on the Datastore, so that it will be widely available to Londoners to access and use, delivering on the Mayor’s priority fortransparency.

This report includes analysis on four of these measures, including Londoners’ views on diversity and discrimination and on relations between different ethnic and religious communities, which showed that an increasing proportion of Londoners have very positive views on these issues.

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