Faith communities

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Its religious make-up has changed significantly since 2001, and there are now over 2,200 faith buildings in the capital.

Working with faith communities

The Mayor and his deputies meet regularly with senior faith leaders from different faith communities all over London. These meetings make sure that all faiths are involved in the future of the city. 

Stopping faith hate crime in London

Racist and religious offences make up the largest portion of hate crime offences in London.

To improve conditions for faith communities in London, it is vital that we address hate crime. The Mayor’s Hate Crime Reduction Strategy is central to this. Its three main objectives are to:

  • boost confidence and increase the reporting of hate crime
  • prevent hate crime and reduce repeat victimisation
  • ensure swift and sure justice for hate crime victims

Faith events

Every year we support lots of events which celebrate faith festivals.

These include Christmas, Vaisakhi, Diwali, Eid and Chanukah.

Checking how our policies are helping

To test how well the Mayor’s Equal Life Chances for All framework is working for different communities in London, we carried out some assessments.

These assessments looked at the priorities and concerns for each community, and reviewed what differences our policies have had or will have.

Our assessment of the GLA's impact on faith equality looks at faith communities.

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