Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities

London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. Black, Asian and ethnic minority Londoners contribute a huge amount to our city. But there are big differences in wealth and life expectancy across London, which is a sign of major inequality.

What are we doing to improve equality?

The Mayor has done a lot to promote equality for all communities in London, including black, Asian and ethnic minority residents, over the last few years. For example:

  • there are now more jobs in London than at any other time since records began
  • more areas have been regenerated, including those affected by the 2011 disorder
  • the London Schools Excellence Fund is improving quality of teaching, alongside the London Schools Gold Club and London Curriculum initiatives
  • life expectancy has increased for both men and women, and the gap between the boroughs with the highest and lowest life expectancies has shrunk
  • more Londoners from a wide range of communities are taking part in sport and volunteering

To view all the Mayor achievements in detail please read his latest Annual Equality Report.

Stopping race hate crime

Racism is never acceptable. It is our responsibility to stop it.

To highlight the importance of stopping race hate crime in London, the Mayor:

  • has worked with London’s black, Asian and ethnic minority communities to develop his Hate Crime Reduction Strategy for London
  • has highlighted this issue with the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)
  • is a strong supporter of Police Liaison Officers and how they build confidence across communities

MOPAC and the Metropolitan Police Service have a statutory duty to make sure that all hate crimes are dealt with properly. They are working closely with criminal justice organisations to make sure that dealing with hate crime is a priority across London.

New targets: the MPS has set targets for all London boroughs to increase the number of hate crime cases that are resolved. MOPAC is monitoring these targets.

If you have need to report an incidence of race hate crime, you should contact True Vision, who can also provide support and advice.

Celebrating culture and community in London

We organise events every year to celebrate London’s mix of culture, including:

  • St Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival
  • Feast of St George
  • Vaisakhi Festival
  • Eid
  • Diwali Festival
  • African Festival

Checking how our policies are helping

To test how well the Mayor’s Equal Life Chances for All framework is working for different communities in London, we carried out some assessments.

These assessments looked at the priorities and concerns for each community, and reviewed what differences our policies have had or will have.

Our assessment of the GLA's impact on race equality looks at the black, Asian and ethnic minority community.

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