City Hall and Civil Society

Civil Society Projects

We are working with Civil Society on a number of projects, including:

Team London

Five young adults holding up 'I will week' banners

City Hall's Team London offer a range of programmes to help build capacity within Civil Society, including volunteering, training and advice.

Need volunteers?

If you are interested in recruiting volunteers for your charity or project, Team London can help. We help over 2,500 charities find the right people.

The Team London website can help you find volunteers from a community of more than 150,000 volunteers.

Wanting to Skill-Up?

The Team London Skill-Up programme matches skilled business volunteers with staff from small charities.

Find out more about how to take part.

Trustee training

Team London is passionate about ensuring trustees and charity staff are properly supported in this important role.

Find out about a series of free workshops.

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