Supporting Financial and Business Services

London is the largest exporter of financial services and has the most competitive financial and business services sector in the world. Mayor Sadiq Khan is doing all he can to make sure London continues to provide the best financial and business services to the city, the country and the rest of the world. 

He will achieve this by:

  • maintaining a competitive business environment
  • investing in infrastructure and skills
  • helping to ensure sufficient office space
  • working with partners to showcase London’s strengths to the world

Access to Finance

Due to cautious investing behaviour since the financial crisis, many businesses and SMEs are experiencing difficulty in gaining access to finance and investment, including micro loans, early stage venture capital, debt and equity as well as long-term or 'patient' capital.

To help address this finance gap in London, the Mayor has established the Greater London Investment Fund, and is building on other initiatives such as the London Co-Investment Fund and the CAN Early Intervention Fund to help small businesses in the capital flourish.


Financial technology - FinTech - is transforming the financial sector through mobile banking services, inter-bank transfers and payments, and peer-to-peer lending and more. FinTech is the application of digital technologies to create, record, transfer and manage financial value and risk.

With digital innovation, financial services and policymaking all concentrated in London, we have emerged as a world-leader in FinTech. This unique environment, in addition to the Mayor’s business programmes help foster collaboration, build networks and our competitive advantage.


The Mayor has commissioned analysis from independent economic experts Cambridge Econometrics into the impact that different Brexit scenarios will have on nine different sectors of the economy in London and across the UK. In the This will illustrate the possible impact of five different Brexit scenarios on Londoners’ jobs and prosperity.

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