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Transport for London Accelerator Programme

Transport for London is supporting an initiative led by Nitrous London to help UK and international startups with their ideas to reduce congestion and overcrowding.

TfL received several hundred applications and are now working with six startups from artifical intelligence to smart cycling bells. Each successful startup will now be working to reduce congestion on the public transport network and/or across London’s roads, and lowering levels of pollution.  

The programme is designed to help startups better support public sector innovation without the need for additional investment. It will provide the startups with a range of masterclasses, one-to-one sessions and networking opportunities. These will help the startups know more about their market and public sector procurement. This will benefit Transport for London, City Hall, and public services through better knowledge about how startups approach new business.This will ensure successful future collaborations between the publicsector and startups in the short and long term.