OpenActive: Open Data for physical activity and sport

Openactive enables people to become more active by providing open source tools, open standards and open data to the physical activity and sport sector.

With support from City Hall, London Sport is working to open physical activity and sport data in London with a focus on allowing people to more easily find the right activity for them, at the right time.

The partnership is mirroring the model used in the travel sector, where travel agencies and travel service providers are linked by data platforms like Amadeus, to connect wellness applications and activity providers through a data aggregator for physical activity opportunities.

Openactive is a place where organisations can collaborate and facilitate the use of physical activity data to maximise innovation to get people more physically active in the capital and beyond.

What’s Coming Next

Get Active London, a new activity finder working with Openactive data, will roll out across London from summer 2016, aggregating physical activity opportunities across a range of sports and boroughs.

Managed by London Sport, it will create a hub for Londoners to find new ways to take part in physical activity and sport.

Openactive, and outputs such as Get Active London, are intended to meet the guiding principles laid out in GLA’s Data for London: A City Data Strategy which noted data’s potential to transform public services and drive innovation.

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