Modern student learning environment
Photo credit: with permission from Ada College

Ada: Centre for Excellence in Digital Skills

Ada National College for Digital Skills received over £13m from the Department for Education and over £18m from the Greater London Authority to build a state of the art campus to deliver education and training to young adults in digital skills. The campus and first class teaching enables a high quality and aspirational alternative to University.

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The project has:

  • opened temporary accommodation in September 2016 until the permanent campus is complete
  • will deliver over 6000 learners age 16+ supported in the first 5 years
  • 1200 higher level apprenticeships will be delivered in first 5 years, in collaboration with industry leading companies
  • will provide adult learning opportunities

This project demonstrates best practice because:

  • Ada addresses underrepresented groups e.g. by 2022 50% of students will be female and 50% of student cohorts will be from low income backgrounds
  • is an accredited training facility, training first class teachers
  • Ada has formed strong partnerships with industry leaders such as IBM and works collaboratively to ensure relevant and interactive courses are available for students