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Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: Smart London case study

London’s smart, sustainable district

A new heart for east London, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is the city’s new smart, sustainable park.

The Park embeds five world-class sporting venues, 10,000 new homes, new business districts, a world-class culture and university district, and a new media and digital hub, into 45 hectares of parkland. It creates an oasis in the middle of one of the world’s most diverse and densely populated cities.

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Creating a ‘Smart Park’

The vision for a Smart Park means transforming the way visitors and residents use the Park, a drive which brings with it immense sustainability benefits. Wherever you are in the Park, you are Wi-Fi connected. Free internet access is provided to all visitors to the Park and the Park’s own app can keep you updated with the latest news and events, as well as help you find your way around.

In addition to this, the Smart London Innovation Network is bringing forward a range of trials to test new ways that technology can be used to manage an urban district. The challenges include: smarter crowd management, environmental sensing, community building and developing better ways to engage with visitors to the Park.

Integrated systems

Located in zone 2 of central London and managed by the London Legacy Development Corporation, the Park is addressing urban challenges in an integrated way.

All development that comes forward in the Park is connected to a low-carbon heat and cooling network. Natural features such as swales and reed beds have been designed into the landscape to perform the dual functions of promoting biodiversity and mitigating flood risk. They sit within a network of broad meadows, fields and intricate wetlands.

Key facts

Smart technology and sustainability

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park uses the historic natural landscapes of the Lea River Valley, combined with cutting edge techniques, to enhance ecosystem benefits for a better visitor, worker and resident experience.

You can find out more about their approach to sustainability and smart technologies in their annual Environmental Sustainability Report.

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