The Mayor is concerned about the damage leaving the EU could have on London.

Representing London in Brexit talks

The Government is currently negotiating the terms of the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU). 

Mayor Sadiq Khan accepts the British public voted to leave in the 2016 referendum. However, he is worried about the damage leaving the EU will have on London and the UK. 

He has published an independent study, Preparing for Brexit, that shows the risks that leaving the EU with the wrong deal could lead to:

  • 482,000 fewer jobs across the UK
  • £46.8 billion investment lost
  • £54.5 billion loss in economic output
  • economic output 3% lower by 2030

What is the Mayor doing?

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Business Rajesh Agrawal have met with hundreds of London businesses to hear from them what they need from the Government.

The Mayor created an expert group to inform his understanding of the challenges.

He also asks Londoners to tell him what they want the Government to focus on in the EU negotiations.

The Mayor regularly meets with the Government to talk about these issues.

Read the Mayor's advice for European Londoners

Mayor’s priorities for Brexit

He is calling for the UK to:

  • stay a member of the Single Market and Customs Union. 4 in 10 of London’s business exports are sold to the EU (see An analysis of London's exports, November 2017). The Government wants to risk this by trying to negotiate a new trade deal. The Mayor believes this is the wrong approach
  • offer free movement for EU citizens who want to work here after Brexit. The Mayor suggested ways this could happen using controls already allowed by the EU in his Immigration: a future approach document
  • protect the rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK. London is home to one million European citizens
  • keep the British public safe in the face of rising crime and a heightened international terrorist threat. UK and European police forces work with each other through measures like the European Arrest Warrant

Celebrating London’s diversity

The Mayor has also launched the #LondonIsOpen campaign to show that the capital is still united, open for business, and to the world.

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