Aerial view of East London

London’s Infrastructure 2050: progress update

We are taking action on the Growth and Infrastructure issues facing London, from launching an updated version of our mapping application, to setting up a new group to coordinate infrastructure projects. Explore our progress here.

1. Launching the Infrastructure Mapping Application 2.0

We have launched Phase 2 of the Infrastructure Mapping Application (IMA). The online tool is a major step forward, bringing together data from across sectors so that users can explore current and future development and infrastructure projects. Industries can use the map to coordinateplan better and save resources.

The map also helps local authorities and regulators understand places where infrastructure is lacking and highlights the need for investment.

The IMA uses up-to-date data from the public and private sectors, for use by a wide range of infrastructure stakeholders, like engineers, regulators, and developers. 

With some new features you can:

  • filter down to a point or area you're interested in
  • export open data
  • upload your own data to create a personalized map
  • search (with more complete results)
  • adjust the map’s visual presentation to suit your preferences

Right now the IMA is tool for exploring data. We're working on even more new features, like an: interactive dashboard (to give users more insights on the data), 3D modelling and information on underground assets.

2. Growth and Infrastructure Forum

On 20 July, the Mayor held a growth and infrastructure forum to engage with development and infrastructure leaders. The Mayor and his team outlined the vision for London, called on business to work together to deliver the infrastructure the city needs, and listened to the sector’s response.

3. London Strategic Infrastructure Requirements

We've also released the ‘London Strategic Infrastructure Requirements’ report, a programme of investments needed to meet London’s growth. This follows the London Infrastructure 2050 strategy by exploring where infrastructure should be built and improved to respond to rising demands.

4. Infrastructure High-Level Group

The Mayor is setting up a new infrastructure high-level group to oversee development in London, chaired by Deputy Mayor Jules Pipe. Representatives from across sectors will come together to:

  • Support a long-term infrastructure strategy for London
  • Coordinate to ensure that high-impact projects proceed efficiently, using best practices, particularly in areas expected to see high growth
  • Lead on a common lobbying programme for investment

We will be publishing more details shortly.

5. Infrastructure Coordination Unit

We are currently exploring ways to better coordinate infrastructure and development across London.

We gathered responses on this topic from utilities, engineers, architects, developers, consultancies, homebuilders, contractors, and others until 30 September 2017, and are now considering their ideas. Check back shortly for an update.