London Strategic Infrastructure Requirements

As a growing city, London needs a programme of infrastructure investment that is coordinated between sectors, responds to change, and above all else, can be delivered in good time, at a reasonable cost.

‘London Strategic Infrastructure Requirements’ explores this by looking at where infrastructure should be built and improved to respond to growing demands. The report:

  • examines the capital’s infrastructure requirements to the early 2030s across sectors—rail, road, electricity and heat, waste, water supply, water management and flood risk, digital connectivity, and green infrastructure.
  • assesses the planning and funding status of each project
  • analyses needs by location to highlight where investment would ‘unlock’ housing and economic growth.
  • investigates the obstacles to improving infrastructure and opportunities to innovate in each area

The report updates and complements the London Infrastructure Plan 2050 – it shows where in London we must expand infrastructure to accommodate new residents and businesses.

It provides evidence to help implement the Mayor’s strategies (transport, housing, environment, planning and economic development, in particular), it shows the strong connection between growth and infrastructure, and allows all key players to respond early.

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