London Simulator

The GLA is using a new innovative simulation and impact tool to support an improved understanding of how London responds to major infrastructure investments and evaluate the impacts of policy. This tool is the London Simulator and has been developed in partnership with Greenwood. The technology is based on system dynamics and is the first of its kind for a city as complex and large as London.

About the Project

The London Simulator was commissioned to simulate the social, economic, environmental and fiscal impacts of a range of investments and policy choices on London as an urban system, including:

  • five extensions of existing public transport lines: Jubilee Line Extension, Northern Line Extension, Sutton Link, Crossrail to Ebbsfleet and the Bakerloo Line Extension three new public transport lines: Crossrail, Crossrail 2 and the Metroisation of South London
  • Royal Docks redevelopment
  • roll out of high-speed optical fibre-based digital access to every building in London
  • accelerated housing development
  • decarbonisation of London by 2050

The analysis helps us to answer important questions, such as how do new infrastructure investments or policies relate to and impact each other? What kind of value do they create for Londoners, in the form of new homes, jobs and economic growth? How does London change in response?

With this simulation technology we have started to develop a new way of considering infrastructure investment and various other policies. The long-term aim is to develop it further to help us better meet the needs of Londoners and business. We can also use the data produced to engage with government and identify new ways to fund and finance the capital investments London requires.

Highlights from the London Simulator analysis are provided in the executive summary Mind the Gap: Funding and Financing City Investments in the 21st Century. To get the complete picture, the full report can be accessed here

The GLA is committed to continuing to develop the capabilities of the London Simulator to support London’s sustainable growth for future generations. 

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