Greenwood Strategic Advisors

We are looking to partner with Greenwood Strategic Advisors and other cities in an initiative to integrate the different dimensions of a city in a computerised simulation model.

If successful, it could provide an analytical framework to understand what changes would be needed to bring London on the path to sustainability (in all its aspects, economic as well as environmental). There is keen interest in this initiative in Boston, Massachusetts and other potential partner cities.

Greenwood are experts in systemic sustainability and in the application of city-simulation technology.

Purpose of the simulator

The purpose of the prototype simulator is exploratory analysis, to find combinations of investments and governmental policies that will:

  1. establish London on a path towards sharply enhanced sustainability on multiple dimensions (as listed above)
  2. show positive returns (after financing costs) that will enable institutional investors to provide a substantially increased volume of investment financing

Setting up

The first step in this partnership is the setup and application of a prototype simulator covering the various elements that compose a city’s sustainability profile, and how these elements connect to and influence each other. The elements are:

  • population
  • Jobs
  • Commuting
  • infrastructure and development projects (of various types)
  • space usage
  • energy consumption
  • emissions
  • education
  • public safety
  • economic performance
  • fiscal balance
  • debt
  • life quality

What next

The Greater London Simulator Prototype will be set up and validated during a period of about four months, followed by several months of collaborative analytical use.

It is expected to lead to a much more detailed and definitive simulator and detailed design, testing, and monitoring of new funding structures, investment projects, and policy changes aimed at improving multi-dimensional sustainability in Greater London.

Crucially, such simulators differ from other models in their high anticipatory reliability across a wide range of scenarios, based on rigorous testing and refinement against historical city data. 

This model could enable London to make a more compelling case to political stakeholders regarding investment and complementary policies, and to better engage the public in the decision making process.

This initiative depends on timely availability of knowledge and data from the GLA and other sources. Greenwood are providing their technology and expertise at no charge to the GLA.