London Infrastructure Map

The London Infrastructure Map is an interactive tool which lets you explore current and future development and infrastructure projects. It gives developers, providers and utilities a clear picture of what developments are taking place.

It also helps them to work together effectively, for example, to plan the phasing of projects - reducing disruptions and costs.

How does it work?

The tool uses up-to-date information from: utility companies, local authorities, developers and the GLA Group (City Hall and our partners).

You can zero in on projects by location, project value, funding status and of course by sector, such as:

  • transport
  • housing
  • energy
  • water
  • commercial and retail
  • civic and public

With the newly released 2.0 version, you can now:

  • filter down to a point or area you're interested in
  • export open data
  • upload your own data to create a personalized map
  • search (with more complete results)
  • adjust the map’s presentation to suit your preferences

We would like to include more data directly from industry leaders and understand how different groups use the map. To get in touch, please contact: [email protected].

Right now the IMA is a tool for exploring data. We're working on even more new features, like an: interactive dashboard (to give users more insights on the data), 3D modelling and information on underground assets.

The IMA currently offers two versions - a public one for all users, and a private one with additional datasets which registered users can access. This allows us to respect constraints around releasing sensitive information publicly. Both versions are currently free of charge.

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