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Apply for European Londoners Outreach funding

The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is clear that EU citizens living in London belong and are welcome in our great city. Our EU Londoners Hub is available to ensure EU citizens and their families have all the information they need about living in London after Brexit.

For the most vulnerable EU residents, such as the elderly, disabled or homeless, additional support from trusted and local community services is needed.

We're inviting community groups and small civil society organisations to bid for up to £5,000 to carry out a range of outreach activities aimed at European Londoners - particularly those at risk of marginalisation - by 5pm18 February 2019.

What could the funding be used for?

Grant funding can go towards a number of outreach activities. These could include venue hire for information sessions, legal surgeries, town hall events, time spent planning the outreach and printing costs to ensure events are as accessible as possible. Payment will be made in advance of any work undertaken.

We can provide a suggested framework for the delivery of a successful event that enables smaller organisations to engage. We can also offer connections to immigration lawyers who can attend information sessions pro bono. We have developed translated material which can be used in your outreach activities. This material can be found on the EU Londoners Hub.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to community groups, small civil society organisations and legal aid solicitors firms which have a strong track record of working with European Londoners or third country nationals relying on derived rights of residence and can evidence links with other organisations. The funding scheme is open to previous European outreach grantees who can demonstrate how they would build on their previous grant. Payment will be made in advance of any work undertaken.

Applicants will be expected to demonstrate:

  • Ability to deliver a successful event/appropriate outreach activity
  • Ability to reach target audiences, particularly those most at risk of marginalisation post-Brexit
  • Ability to set clear objectives and evaluate the activity
  • A clear plan of delivery to overcome barriers vulnerable European residents may face

All grantees will be required to provide a short pro forma report after the outreach work has been completed which will outline the numbers of people reached, the support provided, outcomes achieved and any follow-up work being undertaken. This will inform project monitoring to ensure funds are appropriately spent and will ensure that the right audiences are reached.

What is the assessment criteria?

We may need to ask for clarification on bids over the phone or email. Qualifying bidders will then progress to the next stage of the evaluation process and be assessed using the scoring mechanism below:

Criteria Evidence
Strength of proposal to deliver the event/s

Your application must show:

  • value for money
  • strong and robust event/outreach plan to be delivered to the target audience
  • a plan to evaluate the event
Relevance of previous engagement with European Londoners

Your application must include:

  • examples of past engagement with European communities, including with those most at risk of marginalisation
  • relevant partnerships with other organisations
Extent of ability to reach members of the community and understanding of the issues

Your application must show:

  • recognition of the barriers European Londoners face in accessing Settled Status
  • clear understanding of European Londoners most at risk of marginalization and the support they require
Likelihood of success

Your application must show:

  • a clear plan for delivery and evaluation An appropriate project lead/team to oversee the work (including short biographies of project team)

Additional information

Our funding objectives

  • Add capacity for civil society to deliver events for European Londoners
  • Provide community engagement and outreach with groups at risk of marginalisation to secure their status to remain
  • Make connections between community groups and pro-bono legal advisers
  • Increase awareness among community groups of the EU Londoners Hub
  • Disperse translated information material developed by the GLA

Europeans in London

The UK is home to over three million Europeans, more than one million of whom are Londoners. The Government has stated that they will need to apply for ‘Settled Status’ to remain in the UK after 29 March 2019, despite the uncertainty of the wider Brexit negotiations.

The GLA is concerned about the shortage of quality advice and support, given the pressures services are under and the scale of the challenge. This adds to the stress (and potentially to the costs) facing even those European nationals with a straightforward claim for status.

Research by the Migration Observatory highlights that some Europeans will face further barriers to obtaining ‘Settled Status’ including victims of exploitation or trafficking, people with mental health problems, children in care and care leavers, victims of domestic violence, homeless people, older people, people with significant language barriers, people who are digitally excluded, unpaid carers and people working cash in hand. This is a non-exhaustive list.

As part of the Mayor’s work to make it easier for European Londoners to get the information they need to stay in the UK, he is committed to engaging with European communities in London and to reach out to those groups most at risk in partnership with civil society. This outreach programme is a key part of this engagement.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please contact Bella Kosmala, Citizenship and Integration Adviser, by email at [email protected]