What isn’t allowed in the viewing areas?

The following items are not permitted: 

  • backpacks or suitcases
  • glass bottles, flasks, containers or any other form of glass 
  • any item which could be used as a weapon (including sharp or pointed objects, such as knives) 
  • items with an open flame (for example, candles, barbeques, gas or paraffin lamps, sky lanterns, camp fires, and gas fires) 
  • fireworks (including sparklers) 
  • laser pens or laser equipment 
  • illegal substances 
  • drones 
  • chairs or tables of any kind are not allowed in the main viewing areas (except flat-bottomed shooting sticks to perch on). You may bring a folding chair to the Accessible Viewing Area 
  • other than assistance dogs, animals are not allowed into the viewing areas 
  • pushchairs or buggies
  • bicycles

We reserve the right to remove any item that might cause danger, be a health and safety risk, isn’t suitable to be taken into an event, or is on the above list.

Anyone found with illegal substances or contraband goods will be removed from the viewing area and may be prosecuted. We will take away any items we find that may be used in an illegal or offensive manner, regardless of whether the item itself is illegal. If you are removed from the viewing area your ticket will not be refunded.