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Mayor’s vision for culture

"London is a city that's not afraid of taking risks. It's a place that's full of tradition, but also about innovation, capable of embracing the future. And it's a city of diversity." Marc Quinn (Fourth Plinth artist 2005 - 2007)

Why is culture so important to London?

London’s cultural industry is famous for its innovation and experimentation, its entrepreneurial energy and risk taking. It is this that explains why the music, books, art, theatre shows and films we make are enjoyed all around the world and why the capital is one of the most visited cities on the planet.

Making London Extraordinary

If you want the low down on how, why and what we do for culture in London, check out our short summary guide.

The first Mayoral Cultural Strategy for London was published in 2004.

The current Mayoral administration published the Cultural Strategy for London Cultural Metropolis on 15 November 2010.

In March 2014 an update of the Cultural Metropolis was published.