2012 Surprises

Unique and spectacular these pop up events were London’s ‘wow’ moments in 2012, a summer like no other. They included…

One Extraordinary Day. Streb - Extreme Action

Award-winning American choreographer Elizabeth Streb (known as the ‘Evel Knievel of dance’) created One Extraordinary Day (11 July 2012) against the backdrop of iconic landmarks in London as her team of daredevil dancers produced feats of extreme action diving, falling and leaping from Millennium Bridge, City Hall and the London Eye. The project generated international media value of over £1.6 million including front pages of The Guardian and The Times and was watched by over 18,000 people.

The unique and spectacular day, produced by LIFT and funded by the Mayor of London and the DCMS, transformed London’s iconic landscape and will remain in our memories forever.

See this amazing video of One Extraordinary Day

Lifesize inflatable replica of Stonehenge: Sacrilege

In partnership with Glasgow International of Visual Art and Create, the Mayor of London co-commissioned a lifesize inflatable replica of Stonehenge, the UK’s leading tourist attraction.  From toddlers to 91 year olds, over 80,000 people bounced on Jeremy Deller’s Stonehenge last summer as it sprang up in 14 parks across London and throughout the UK generating an amazing repsonse from audiences and extraordinary press coverage. The project received funded from Arts Council England and Creative Scotland.

See this amazing video of Sacrilege

What You Will: Pop up Shakespeare

The Tony and Olivier Award winning actor Mark Rylance initiated this project, bringing Shakespeares finest prose and poetry to the streets for one week in August 2012.

Working with a cast of 50 actors, aged 17-70 from the Globe working with Director Jonathan Moore. The project surprised over 20,000 Londoners and visitors. This flashmob style series of pop up events took place in outdoor markets and public spaces across central London. Commissioned by Mayor of London and London 2012 Festival.

See this amazing video of What You Will

Bespoke hats: Hatwalk

Britain’s top miliners Stephen Jones and Philip Tracey came together with some of London’s most talented, emerging headwear designers to create bespoke hats for twenty of London’s most famous statues including the iconic Lord Nelson. The event appeared and disappeared within five days in August 2012 and was a collaboration with Grazia.

See this awesome video of Hatwalk

Piccadilly Circus Circus

On 1st September 2012, for the first time since VE Day, London’s most photographed and most famous landmark Piccadilly Circus was closed and transformed into a real live outdoor Circus. Regent Street, Lower Regent Street and Piccadilly joined in the actions hosting 143 performances throughout the afternoon, turning central London into a playground for the world’s best contemporary circus artists.

Conceived and created by Crying Out Loud, the shows included aerialists, high-wire trapeze artists, hula-hoopers, jugglers, stilt acrobats, BMX street dancers, tightrope walkers, Chinese pole artists, contemporary clowns, musicians and a beatboxer.

The finale Place Des Anges, presented by Les Studio De Cirque saw angels zipping through the air and slowly dropping 1.5 tons of hypo allergenic recycled feathers above the heads of the 30,000 strong audience who had gathered in Piccadilly Circus Circus, to particiapte in this spectacle. Feather fights spontaniously erupted, people played and London become a glorious and life affirming spectacle.

See the awesome short video below by Mark Morreaux. This production was co-commissioned by the Mayor of London and DCMS. See more fantastic videos of Piccadily Circus Circus.

Piccadilly Circus Circus

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