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Little Concert logo Sounds Like London
Airbnb logo Sounds Like London


We've teamed up with producers Little Concert. In partnership with Airbnb, they'll be running a series of intimate gigs, all led by some fantastic female emerging artists.

Check out who's performing across the month.

1 June - Jade Bird

SoundsLikeLondon - Jade Bird UROK - Michael Turkington
This truly exclusive and intimate live music event is the first ever concert to be held in the North Tower of Tower Bridge.

Jade Bird's rocket rise to stardom has seen her sell out a UK tour, support Stevie Nicks, and appear on the Jimmy Fallon show in recent months. She's a champion of the incredibly talented grassroots of London's music scene, now attracting attention on both sides of the Atlantic. Her international appeal is in part due to the American twang of her country-pop sound.

3 June - Tara Minton

Photographer - Fatima Rk, Musician - Tara Minton
Imagine the scene. You're in an exclusive underground speakeasy. You glance over to the far corner of the bar, where there's a woman gently plucking a harp, her angelic voice somehow rising above it.  

Leading contemporary harpist Tara Minton will be bringing some chilled out vibes to Knowhere Special.

7 June - Anoushka Lewis

Photographer - Fatima RK, Band - Anoushka Lucas
Get ready for a warm, magnetic night of live music in an exclusive East London Members' Club, close to the gentle lapping swell of the calm-inducing Regent's Canal. 

You'll experience close-up Anoushka's new, wider and more experimental sound that has been developed under the guidance of Martin Terefe at Kensaltown Studios.

7 June - Laura Oakes

Photographer - Fatima RK, Musician - Laura Oakes
Journey to the spiritual heart of Nashville,Tennessee (the home of country music) right here in London. Come and discover why Laura Oakes is regarded as a big reason behind the explosion in popularity of country music in the UK.

10 June - Phoebe Katis

Photographer - Fatima RK, Musician - KATIS
Behind This Wall is a venue space with a serious passion for design and music. It's also the perfect place for Phoebe Katis to demonstrate her recent transformation from soulful singer to a more funk-infused pop style.

16 June - Amaroun

Photographer - Fatima RK, Musician - Amaroun
Amaroun has been working closely with producer Kristofer Harris (Belle & Sebastian) in recent months. Come down to the crypt in Crouch End, where Amaroun's personal and ultra-modern sounds will be waiting for you.

17 June - Matilda Gratte & Tatyana

Photographer - Fatima RK, Musicians  - Matilda Gratte & Tatyana
Settle in for a feast for the senses, as bohemian Baltic duo Matilda and Tatyana put on a unique show of sights and sounds. 

The concert will combine the harmonies of Matilda's keys and controllers with Tatyana's harp.

19 June - Samantha Whates

Photographer - Fatima RK, Musician - Samantha Whates
Experience Samantha's spellbinding voice reverberate around the brightly-coloured walls of the Phoenix Artist Club in Soho. 

21 June - Ferris and Sylvester

SoundsLikeLondon 5 - Michael Turkington
Transport yourself to 1960s Greenwich Village as Ferris & Sylvester play songs from their debut EP, 'Made In Streatham'. 

The duo's distinctive sound was moulded with the help of legendary producer, Youth, who has also worked with Paul McCartney, The Verve and Crowded House. 

28 June - Laura Misch

Photographer - Fatima RK,  Musician - Laura Misch
Discover something new as Laura showcases her next generation jazz, which takes influences from more modern, electronic sounds. They'll be played alongside some compelling visual projections.

29 June - Ren and Romeo

Photographer - Fatima Rk, Band - Ren Harvieu and Romeo Stodart
Join Ren Harvieu and special guest Romeo Stodart for a special, intimate concert at a unique, creative space of Russian origins in Shoreditch, East London.

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