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How we’re reducing the rate of pub closures in London

Each year we will do an annual audit to track the number of pubs and help reduce closures. In this year’s audit we have learnt:

  • 1,220 pubs have been lost in the last 15 years
  • since 2001 there has been an average loss of 81 pubs per year
  • two London boroughs reported a loss of over 50 per cent of their pubs – Barking and Dagenham (a loss of 56 per cent) and Newham (52 per cent)
  • Hackney, the only borough that did not report an overall loss - saw an increase of 3 per cent since 2001 

Number of pubs lost and gained since 2001

Using the Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR) data, this map shows the net loss of public houses per London borough.

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Why pubs are important to London

Pubs are a hugely important part of London’s world class culture:

  • over half of international visitors visited a pub during their stay.  
  • pubs provide young people with their first experience of work – a sixth of 18-24 year olds start out working in a pub
  • employment in pubs has grown by 3,700 to reach 46,300 in 2016, an increase of 8.7 per cent


How you can help

Tell us what you think of our 'Culture and the night time economy' guidance

This document provides guidance on how boroughs can use the current London Plan to protect pubs from closure.

It encourages boroughs to implement the Agent of Change principle – putting the onus on developers that build properties next to pubs to pay for soundproofing, ensuring residents and revellers can co-exist peacefully. 

Everyone is invited to participate in this consultation by commenting on this document. Your responses will inform culture and the night time economy in the new London Plan.

Consultation ends: Tuesday 31 May 2017

Public houses in London

View our map which shows each individual public house in London, using CAMRA’s (the Campaign for Real Ale) data.

Read our report Closing time: London's public houses which looks into what has been happening to the number of pubs, and employment therein, in London.