Green Visual Arts

Date published: 
14 October 2010

This guide has been written to help London's visual arts sector - artists, publicly funded institutions, commercial galleries and art fairs - reduce their environmental impact, and save money through lower energy use. Practical recommendations are given that are in line with the Mayor's target to cut carbon emissions by 60% by 2025.

The visual arts sector is of vital importance to the capital, directly employing over 8,200 people and involving many more as volunteers. In 2008, visual arts organisations in London contributed £827million of gross value to the UK economy, yet the sector has an impact far beyond what any statistics can convey. Even this assessment of economic productivity underestimates the sector’s wider impacts, particularly in community development and bringing visitors to London.

The guide has found that the visual arts sector in London generates 220,442 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Whilst this may be a relatively small proportion of London’s total emissions, because of its influence the sector has a key role to play in reducing London’s overall emissions and making us a low carbon capital. Taking the simple practical measures within this guide is an important first step in achieving that aim.

Green Visual Arts guide PDF (2.5MB)

More information

The Green Visual Arts guide and further supporting information and resources are available for download at Julie's Bicycle website.

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