The Big Commonwealth Dance Beats for Peace_2010_ photo by Nice One Film

Big Dance in Trafalgar Square by Akram Khan

Dance with Londoners in Trafalgar Square

The Mayor of London and People Dancing invites 1,000 Londoners, aged 16 and over, to participate in a major dance commission by one of the foremost innovative choreographers in the world, Akram Khan.

The full choreography for Big Dance Trafalgar Square is an extended version of the Big Dance Pledge which Akram has created as London’s signature Big Dance work.

The performances will take place in the iconic setting of Trafalgar Square on Saturday 2 July. 

Big Dance Trafalgar Square: what's involved

1. Register as an individual or group leader

Once your place(s) have been confirmed, Group Leaders will be invited to a mandatory preparation and training day to enable teaching, learning and rehearsing independently, ready to bring the group to mass rehearsals with the full cast – the final stage before the performance day. Group leaders should perform with their groups and be prepared to support creatively and lead during mass rehearsals and performance.

Each individual performer who is confirmed a place on this basis will be invited to a mandatory preparation and training day to enable their full learning of the choreography and ongoing independent rehearsal, ready to attend mass rehearsals with the full cast – the final stage before the performance day.

2. Study the tutorial videos

Learn the choreography by watching the tutorial videos

Due to the variations within the choreography, we require individual performers and group leaders to attend a training day and work with our Rehearsal Directors to ensure you have enough support to perform the choreography. Please note that you have to learn the choreography before joining the training day.

3. Training Days

As a Group Leader or Individual Participant, you must be available to attend one Training Day, where you will:

  • meet other group leaders / individuals
  • be taught the choreography by a representative from the Akram Khan Company
  • be provided with practical information and a resource pack to fully prepare you to rehearse and prepare for the event.

The last training day is on 6 June and more dates will soon be confirmed.

4. Mass Rehearsals Full Cast: All Groups and Individual Performers

We will bring everyone who is performing on 2 July together at a London rehearsal site for rehearsals on the following dates:

  • Sunday 19 June 10am – 6pm
  • Friday 1 July 5pm – 9pm

Please be aware that Mass Rehearsals are mandatory. Participation on 2 July will not be possible for anyone who is unable to attend all Mass Rehearsals. All participants must be available to attend both sessions of these Mass Rehearsals.

5. Practical Notes to Consider Before Applying:

Costume: This will be simple. You will need to source your costume at your own expense, but we will provide guidelines once we have confirmed your participation.

Welfare: Please be aware that we will be rehearsing and performing outdoors in British Summer Time. We will provide information and advice in advance of mass rehearsals and the performance day, but please consider the overall experience and commitment of the project before applying.

Bags and personal property: Please note that there will not be a secure area to leave bags at the rehearsal venues and that you cannot take bags with you onto Trafalgar Square for the performance. Please do not bring items of high value with you to rehearsals as we can’t take any responsibility for lost or damaged property. At Trafalgar Square, you will need to leave your bags with a friend, family member or Group Leader who attends with you and who is not planning to dance.