London Borough of Culture winners

London Borough of Culture supports programmes that are locally rooted but connect to wider regional, national and international dialogues, with the aim of drawing visitors to the winning boroughs across London and beyond. Our first two winners - Waltham Forest (2019) and Brent (2020) - have exciting programme plans for their boroughs, find out more below.

In total, 22 boroughs submitted bids in December 2017 to be named London Borough of Culture.

In February 2018, Waltham Forest and Brent were awarded £1.35m of funding to deliver a programme of ambitious cultural activities celebrating the unique character of local people and places.

Waltham Forest - 2019

Waltham Forest is the first ever London Borough of Culture winner. They have already begun their year-long delivery programme of exciting cultural activities across the outer London borough, with an ambitious target of getting 85 per cent of households to participate, attracting half a million visits.

More than 12,000 local people backed Waltham Forest’s application from across the borough’s diverse communities. Drawing on this diversity was a key strength of Waltham Forest’s bid. Activities have been organised and been taking place right across the borough. From Walthamstow to Epping Forest, Chingford to Leytonstone, the borough has embraced this celebration of culture, capturing the attention of London and beyond.

Brent - 2020

The London Borough of Culture winner for 2020 is Brent. The voices of young people take centre stage in Brent’s bid.

During 2020, the borough will establish a new trust for delivering culture in the area with 50 per cent of the trust’s board being both from the local community and under the age of 30. Rather than adopting a top-down approach, the borough is working with young people to explore what culture means to them in the 21st century and allowing them to directly influence the design of their London Borough of Culture programme. 

LBOC Brent

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