Culture Seeds Awards 2019

On 16 May, we celebrated one year of Culture Seeds in style with a dazzling Awards Evening hosted by The Mayor of London and Deputy Mayor for Culture and Creative Industries, Justine Simons OBE. 

The first ever Culture Seeds Awards celebrated the small projects that are making a big difference in communities across London.

Read more about the award winners below.

Making History – Korantema Anyimadu: Black Hair and Heritage Exhibition

100x100 Black Hair and Heritage Exhibition. Gloria and Joyce, Photographer Nana Ama Owusu Ansah

The making history award was for projects that capture, share and celebrate all of London’s diverse heritage, from local histories to personal journeys 
For Korantema’s Black Hair and Heritage Exhibition, she collected 25 oral histories from women and non-binary people in Waltham Forest.

Using hair as a starting point, the project was a chance to celebrate black culture and explore family, identity, culture and community. Objects and photos were then displayed in an exhibition in a local community space. 

We’re delighted that since receiving Culture Seeds funding, Korantema has gone on to be awarded Fellowship Funding from Waltham Forest’s London Borough of Culture.

“It was a safe space and a lovely way of building solidarity between woman of different ages” 

Read more about Korantema Anyimadu

Culture and Wellbeing – The Spitz Charitable Trust: Individual Music Workshops in Bridgeside Lodge

The Spitz

This award is for projects that help people to live happier and healthier lives by taking part in culture.

Professional musicians led interactive workshops with residents of the Bridgeside Lodge Care Home. Culture Seeds funding supported one-to-one and group sessions to bring residents together and brought the joy of live music to people who can’t usually access it. 

One resident, who rarely left his room, joined the group sessions and his enthusiasm spread to other residents, staff, musicians and visiting health practitioners.

John used to be incredibly anxious and would hardly ever leave his room but now he’s joining in, he’s smiling. He’s unrecognisable, you’ve done wonders. I’m chuffed, I look at John and I’m like “wow”. It’s great, it’s amazing, it’s a transformation.

Fatma Makalo - Manager of Bridgeside Lodge Care Home

Find out more about The Spitz.

Opening Up Culture – Women's Lounge: Aspirations

100x100 Womens Lounge by Cynthia Masiyiwa

This award celebrates projects that help more people make culture a part of their lives. 

Women’s Lounge’s Aspirations project has supported women from different backgrounds living in Thamesmead to take part in arts and culture activities, in most cases for the first time. 

Isolated women living locally have taken part in storytelling, jewellery making and photography workshops. 

“Holding a camera has given me the power, because I can tell my story through photography” 

Find out more about the Women’s Lounge.

Community Creator – Creating Ground CIC: Building Bridges

100x100 Creating Ground photo by Anna Merryfield

This award is for a special project that helped bring Londoners’ creative ideas to life.

Building Bridges brought together refugee and migrant women with professional theatre company, Theatre Temoin. They created a ten-foot-tall puppet based on their personal experiences and journeys. In the process they made new friends and discovered new creative talents.

“It made me think outside my comfort zone, I didn’t know that I have an imaginative mind, but it must have come out from somewhere!” 

Find out more about Creating Ground.

Culture United – Sonja Camara: Sewn Together

100x100 Sewn Together Photo by Keith Matthews

The Culture United Award celebrates projects that bring people together in a shared creative activity.

Sonja’s project shared traditional African and Caribbean crafting techniques with women from lots of different backgrounds. Participants with no experience of crafting created jewelry and soft furnishings from scratch.

We loved this project as there were so many stories shared and everyone was really inspired by the traditional designs.

“I feel visible and noticed very good bonding through crafting.”

People Powered Culture – The RecordShop

100x100 RecordShop Photo GLA.

Supported by Team London, this award recognises the immense contributions volunteers make to grassroots arts projects. 

The RecordShop’s 8-week recording programme supported young people in Tottenham to develop vital skills and experience for a creative career. Professional volunteers gave their time to help young people make music. 

“A new experience. Opportunity to meet others. Perform new music” 

Read more about The RecordShop.

For Young Creators – Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation: Summer Arts Project

100x100 Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation

This category was selected with support from The Mayor of London’s Peer Outreach Workers, a group of young people who help influence the Mayor’s Policies. It celebrates projects that have supported young people to get creative and learn new skills. 

From their Pop-Up space on The Queen’s Crescent Estate, Sir HVK Arts offered visual arts workshops every day during the Summer Holidays. Our peer outreach team loved it because it brought 8-weeks of high-quality arts activity to young people who wouldn’t be able to access it otherwise.

Find out more about Sir HVK Arts.

By Young Creators – Club Soda: Soda Beats Band

100x100 Club Soda by Matthew Mint Gundry White

This category was selected with support from The Mayor of London’s Peer Outreach Workers, a group of young people who help influence the Mayor’s Policies. It champions projects that have been led by young people or been created in partnership with young people. 

Club Soda supported young people with learning disabilities to form bands and create their own music and lyrics.  

Our peer outreach team loved it because it supported young people to turn their experiences into music.

Picture Perfect


In this category, we were looking for photos that capture the joy of communities being creative together. There were so many great entries that our judges couldn’t pick just one winner.

Made in Merton: Stitch, Print, Process

Made in Merton

Made in Merton brought their community together to stitch banners incspired by William Morris and local heritage. The banners were taken on a procession to the former site of William Morris’ factory in Merton.

They also went on to be part of Waltham Forest’s London Borough of Culture Chingford Fayre.

Find out more about Waltham Forest's London Borough of Culture - Chingford Fayre

Restorative Justice for All

100x100 Restorative Justice For All by Laura De Nuzzo

Restorative Justice for All brought young people in Rotherhithe together to explore culture, the Windrush generation and coding through art. We love this photo as it shows the great friendships that can be found in creativity.

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