Frieze London

Greening London's culture industries

The Mayor wants to reduce the capital's carbon emissions by 60% by 2025. Discover how he is planning to green London's culture sector.

Cutting carbon

All of the Mayor’s strategies and initiatives are required to contribute to achieving this goal. Although the cultural and creative sector has less per capita CO2 emissions than London’s more energy intensive industries it is one of the capital’s largest and most high-profile sectors, and can play a useful role in helping to meet the Mayor’s reductions target, as well as spread good practice more widely.

Business case

As well as the environmental and political drivers for tackling these issues, there is also an increasingly strong business imperative. The cultural sector, like any other, will need to respond to the financial challenges posed by the potential rising price of fossil fuels, and new government measures to regulate energy use. The ability of the sector to compete internationally will partly depend on how effectively it can respond to these business challenges.

Working in partnership

The Mayor is currently working with bodies across the creative industries, such as Julie’s Bicycle to publish best-practice guides providing guidance on how to lower carbon emissions. Green Music, Green Screen, Green Theatre and Green Visual Arts have been published. These are already beginning to have a practical impact by inspiring businesses and organisations to adopt new working practices that have reduced their energy use and saved them many thousands of pounds.