Finding a building or land

In the current climate it can be challenging to open and operate a new building. So before looking for a building you should consider:

  • what rent you can afford to pay or a price that you can pay to purchase a building?
  • do you need to achieve below market rent or purchase price? If so, what is it about your organisation that justifies this to a building owner or developer?
  • do you need investors?
  • have you got a business plan in place and a clear vision that you can convey to others?
  • have you had experience of operating your business idea in a short-term hire or meanwhile space?
  • is there any potential to share a building with an existing organisation?
  • is your business make-up the right one for what you want to achieve?
  • if you have them, consider how trustees can support you with this process

How to find a building

Other than use standard commercial estate agents, you should:

Sign up to our space register

We do not provide a brokering service. However, if you sign up to our culture and creative industries space register we will provide your information to organisations that approach us who are looking for operators.

Please be aware that very few opportunities are free of charge and you will need to ensure that you can pay rent, services, utilities and business rates. It is also advisable to have a clear project vision and business plan in place to present to any potential landlord.

If your search for space is confidential for any reason, please contact the culture at risk office.

Finding business support

London Growth Hub

The  London Growth Hub is a resource for London  businesses. It was established by the Mayor and the Local Economic Action Partnership (LEAP) and provides signposting and advice about how to start a business and access finance and premises. This is offered alongside a support programme delivered across London.

The Property Advice Service offers a series of free masterclasses and one-to-one sessions for London-based small to medium enterprises (SMEs) which are looking for a commercial lease. It also provides:

  • a diagnostic support search tool - including over 400 support business schemes
  • a business support events calendar - regularly updated to include a personally curated list of between 250-300 events at any time
  • inspiring stories from businesses that have had support to start or grow their business
  • the London Open Workspaces Map - an interactive map listing over 500 workspaces across London
  • a wide range of resources, such as business idea guides and a comprehensive range of factsheets; online live chat and telephone advice; and
  • a personalised user profile allowing you to compile your favourite business support content

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