ARThouse on Twickenham High Street

What is ARThouse?

In 2015 the ARThouse project achieved its funding target to develop a temporary pop-up art exhibition in an empty shop on Twickenham High Street. The project aimed to improve the high street by reducing the number of empty shops, and to build a stronger local arts community.

For 6 weeks in June and July Richmond hosts two local festivals: the annual ARThouse open studios festival and the Twickenham festival. The project transformed this empty shop into an exhibition and workshop space featuring local artists' work. They ran a programme of workshops and demonstrations, providing creative opportunities for the local community.

What did this project achieve?

This ARThouse project:

  • showcased the work of up to 100 artists
  • was open to the public 5 days a week, for 6 weeks in June and July 2015
  • organised a series of artist demonstrations and workshops for the local community
  • provided a networking opportunity for artists and for neighbouring traders and businesses
  • provided artists with the opportunity to promote their work

Find out how this funding was achieved and what the detailed plans for ARThouse on the High Street were.

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