London Health Inequalities Strategy consultation

Draft Health Inequalities consultation

London Health Inequalities Strategy consultation

We’ve been discussing health issues for a number of years here on Talk London, including during the London Health Commission. We’ve had discussions and surveys on topics as diverse as exercise, sugar in our diets, air quality and mental health.

The insight we’ve gathered so far has helped to develop Better Health For All Londoners - the draft London Health Inequalities Strategy. This document outlines the main issues that lead to inequalities in the health of different groups of Londoners, and a set of aims for reducing them. It outlines the Mayor’s role, but also how other organisations working in health in London can work together to ensure that all Londoners can benefit from a healthy lifestyle.

You can help shape the strategy by having your say in the discussions and surveys below, before 30 November. Just register or login above to take part. If you represent an organisation, see this additional information.