State of London Debate 2017

29 June 2017 | 7:00pm
indigo at The O2 | LBC 97.3FM | Facebook Live

What's next for London?
This is your chance to tell the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, what matters to you in your part of London.

LBC’s James O’Brien will host the State of London Debate and cover topics including: transport, housing, safety, air quality and the environment, and London's economy.

What are the biggest issues London faces? Tell us what you think by filling in our short survey.

The Hopper.
The Night Tube.
TfL Fares Frozen.

We need to invest in transport to keep
London on the move.

What's next for transport in London?
New London Living rent
homes. More help for
our homeless.

The housing crisis is the biggest challenge facing
Londoners today.

What's next for housing in London?
More dedicated
neighbourhood police.

A new plan for a safer city.

London is one of the safest cities in
the world. But we want it to be even safer.

What's next for policing in London?
Cleaning up London's
air with Low Emission
Bus Lanes and bringing
in the T-Charge.

Every year, over 9,000 Londoners die prematurely
because of air pollution.

What's next for helping the environment in London?
Backing London's
business and
showing that
London is open.

The Mayor has been working hard to promote
London's businesses.

What's next for growing the economy in London?

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29 June 2017 | 7:00pm | indigo at The O2