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...around half of London’s air pollution is caused by road transport.

Toxic fumes from vehicles cause
thousands of premature deaths
every year…

And lead to young Londoners growing
up with stunted lungs and suffering
from asthma.

The Mayor has taken bold action to #LetLondonBreathe

He has introduced the world's first
Ultra Low Emission Zone,
to cut the number of high polluting
vehicles in central London.

Operating 24/7 - every day of the year.

There are now 13,500 fewer polluting vehicles driving in the zone everyday and analysis shows that toxic NO2 levels have fallen by a third in the central zone.

He has delivered 12 Low Emission Bus
Zones ahead of schedule, cutting
bus-related NOx emissions by
an average of 90% in the zone.

All new double-decker buses are now
hybrid or zero-emission.

Which means London has the largest
electric bus fleet in Europe.

The Mayor has worked with schools
in some of the most polluted areas
of London to reduce children's exposure
to air pollution.

The Mayor is making it easier to move to electric
vehicles, with funding for charging points
all over the capital.

And transforming London's taxi fleet by no
longer licensing new diesel taxis.

We also have a £48m scrappage fund available to help
small businesses, low-income and disabled Londoners
switch to cleaner vehicles.

And we're making London
greener and healthier -
planting thousands of trees
and providing more space
to walk and cycle.

Later this year we will have
tripled the amount of protected
space for cycling since
Sadiq Khan became Mayor.

In the last few years we've made huge strides towards improving London's air quality, and we're not stopping here.

We're working to #LetLondonBreathe

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*Based on information available 13 February 2020