Around half of London's air pollution
is caused by road transport

Poisonous gases and particles lead to thousands of
premature deaths each year

They raise the risk of asthma, dementia and strokes
London's toxic air has a
severe impact on children
A child born in London in
2010 will lose two years
of life expectancy because
of air pollution*
*estimated if exposed to same level of pollution over their lifetime
1 in 10
Londoners under the age of 18 has asthma
"I want to reduce poisonous emissions by more than half by 2025 across the whole of London. One of the ways we will do this is by cutting the number of dirty vehicles on London's roads."

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London
How will we get there?
From 2018, all new double-
deck buses will be hybrid,
hydrogen or electric
older buses will be upgraded by 2020
low-emission bus zones will
be brought in over three years
London's bus fleet will be
fully zero-emission by 2037
Drivers of older, more polluting vehicles must now pay £10 to enter central London
The T-Charge applies in the same area and hours as the Congestion Charge Zone
And starting in 2019, the world's first Ultra Low Emission Zone will reduce harmful emissions by 50%*

* estimated reduction from road transport in central London in 2020
The Mayor wants to make it easier for Londoners to buy a cleaner car
He's calling for a national fund to help drivers to scrap diesel vehicles
And bringing in a Cleaner Vehicle Checker so drivers can choose the greenest cars

We want London to be the healthiest major global city

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