London's toxic air
is a health crisis

of Londoners are dying early
every year as a result of
toxic air

Air quality is especially
poor in inner London.
The main reason London's
air is so dirty is because of
motor vehicles, especially
of air pollution comes
from diesel vehicles
comes from other
types of road transport
6 million
car journeys are made by
Londoners every day

2 million
of those are under 2km
of all journeys are for
shopping, leisure or
personal business
Many of these trips could
be made in other ways.
Unnecessary car use is
putting our health at risk.

"I know personally how much London's air is damaging people's health. I recently started suffering from asthma.

I'm also a parent and am concerned like many others, that some of London's worst pollution hotspots are around schools. Our children are being exposed to dangerously polluted air."

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London
Some of London's worst
pollution hotspots are around
our schools, usually on busy
and congested roads.
of schools are in areas
that breach the legal
limit for poisonous gas,
nitrogen dioxide

This is what the Mayor,
Sadiq Khan is doing

Introducing the T-Charge

Older, more polluting vehicles
are now being charged to
enter central London
Ultra low emission zone

Introducing the world's
first new emission standards
to rid central London of the
dirtiest diesel vehicles.
Zero emission taxis

All new taxis will be electric,
and there will be no additional
diesel taxis licensed from 2018.
Greener buses

Putting the greenest buses
in the most polluted areas
and no longer buying pure
diesel double deck buses
from 2018.

And here's what we can
all start doing today

Why not walk your kids to
school and cycle to work?

1 in 6
early deaths could be
prevented if everyone
walked or cycled
20 minutes each day
Why not use public transport
for longer journeys and take
the night tube home?

1 in 3
car trips made by Londoners
could be walked in under
25 minutes
Why not car share, avoid driving
during peak hours, and use click
and collect instead of deliveries
to your home or work?

of people have personal
deliveries to their workplace

We want all Londoners
to breathe easy

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