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MD1615 MedCity Business Plan

17 March 2016This decision is requested to approve MedCity’s draft 2016/17 Business Plan
Page type: Decision

MD1596 London Regeneration Fund

19 January 2016Expenditure of up to £19,440,000 capital funding in response to the London Regeneration Fund prospectus applications
Page type: Decision

MD1651 Old North Woolwich Station

30 April 2016The Mayor approves additional expenditure of £285,000 capital grant funding to LB Newham to deliver Old North Woolwich Station Project
Page type: Decision

DD1373 Meanwhile East Croydon (MRF)

03 March 2016Expenditure of up to £250,000 grant funding from the London Enterprise Fund to the LB of Croydon for the ‘Meanwhile East Croydon’ project.
Page type: Decision