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The London Knife Crime Strategy 2017

11 July 2017
Reference code: 
PCD 225
Sign off for the £625,000 required to fund the new Knife Crime Strategy Commitments in FY 2017/18.
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Community Seed Funding

Supporting communities to stand up against violence and knife crime
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Public Engagement Funding 2019/20

05 June 2019
Reference code: 
PCD 582
Plans for the wider public engagement and active citizenship programme budget.
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Knife Crime Summit 2016

24 October 2016
The safety of Londoners is the Mayor’s first priority and he is determined to rid our communities of knife crime.
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Safer Neighbourhood Board Funding 2018/19

05 April 2018
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PCD 365
The Police and Crime Plan 2017/21 commits MOPAC to continuing to support the work of SNBs and the £1m SNB Fund
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