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All London councils have agreed to participate in our Rogue Landlord and Agent Checker, which contains information about private landlords and letting agents who have been prosecuted or fined.

All London councils with enforcement records have now added them to the Checker. Some boroughs have uploaded records which cannot be viewed publicly, but which are available to other London councils to help with their enforcement activities. Our Policies and Procedures document provides more information on this. 

It also includes information about landlord and agent offences submitted by the London Fire Brigade and the two letting agent consumer redress schemes - The Property Redress Scheme and The Property Ombudsman.

Things you need to know when using this Checker

  1. Records will only stay on the system for a limited time. Please read our Policies and Procedures for more information
  2. Only landlords and agents who've been fined or convicted of a relevant housing offence will appear
  3. If a landlord or agent looks like they've received a £0 fine, it may be because they were convicted of multiple offences at once and the Judge issued a combined fine. The fine will therefore display against the first conviction only

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