Is your name on this Checker?

You're on this Checker because, as a private landlord or letting agent, an enforcement authority like a local council, the London Fire Brigade or a consumer redress scheme has taken action against you for a relevant housing offence and then supplied this information to us.

Before adding your details to this Checker, we will have sent you a letter of notification, outlining your opportunity to raise any objections or correct any inaccuracy.

Making a representation

If you think the information about you is inaccurate or shouldn't appear on this Checker, email: [email protected] with full supporting evidence to prove your case. Requests without full supporting evidence will not be considered. It is up to you to decide what evidence to provide. The GLA cannot advise on the content of your representation. 

We'll pass your request to the enforcement authority that supplied the information about you. They will then make an assessment and a notification of their decision will be sent to you. Your record will only be removed if your representation is approved by the enforcement authority.

Your record will only be removed in exceptional circumstances

These exceptional circumstances are:

  • naming by the GLA carries a risk of personal harm to you or your family
  • there are national security risks associated with naming you
  • there are other factors which suggest that it would not be in the public interest to name you

Decisions are made by the enforcement authority that supplied the information about you to the GLA.


Under the GDPR and Data Protection Act (see below), you also have a right to request that inaccurate data be corrected.  Please contact [email protected] if information about you or your enforcement action is inaccurate with information evidencing why the data is inaccurate.  The GLA will then liaise with the authority responsible for undertaking action against you who will update any inaccuracies or incorrect information.

How does this Checker comply with GDPR?


Information about your enforcement action constitutes your personal data and is being processed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and UK Data Protection Act.


This information is being processed by the GLA on behalf of the enforcement authority above for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest and in the exercise of the functions conferred on the enforcement authority by an enactment or rule of law.


The enforcement authority is the ‘data controller’ of your personal data and responsibility for the accuracy and legal processing of your data rests with them.  The GLA only processes your personal data on the instruction of the enforcement authority.


More information about the legal basis for the processing of this data can be found in the privacy notice of the enforcement authority, which you can find on their website. The privacy notice for the GLA can be found here.

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