Plenary session on 2002-10-16

Wednesday, October 16, 2002 - 01:00

Session One


Victor Anderson
Tony Arbour
Jennette Arnold OBE
Richard Barnes
John Biggs
Angie Bray
Brian Coleman
Roger Evans
Lynne Featherstone
Nicky Gavron
Sally Hamwee
Samantha Heath
Meg Hillier
Elizabeth Howlett
Darren Johnson
Jenny Jones
Bob Neill
Eric Ollerenshaw
Andrew Pelling
Trevor Phillips
Valerie Shawcross
Graham Tope
Mike Tuffrey
Ken Livingstone
Orbirail2002/0075Victor AndersonCity Hall Greens
Free transport for under 18s2002/0082John BiggsLabour Group
TfL employee remuneration2002/0084John BiggsLabour Group
Women's Safety2002/0097Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Lack of Action by TfL during tube strike2002/0108Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
TfL's Consultation Process2002/0110Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Communication mechanisms2002/0156Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
Major Transport Projects2002/0157Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Bus Shelters2002/0074Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
London Road Safety Camera Partnership criteria2002/0076Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Congestion charge income2002/0077Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Congestion charging and unregistered vehicles2002/0078Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Money for the boroughs2002/0079Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Money for the boroughs2002/0080Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Borough Spending Plans2002/0083Nicky GavronLabour Group
Workplace charging2002/0085Trevor PhillipsLabour Group
Workplace charging / congestion charging2002/0086Trevor PhillipsLabour Group
Installation of a station on the Victoria Line2002/0087Trevor PhillipsLabour Group
SRA consultation on fare structure2002/0088Meg HillierLabour Group
Airport Expansion2002/0089Meg HillierLabour Group
393 bus route2002/0090Meg HillierLabour Group
Bus complaints procedures2002/0091Meg HillierLabour Group
Walthamstow transport interchange2002/0092Meg HillierLabour Group
Bus routes2002/0093Nicky GavronLabour Group
High Speed Bus Links2002/0094Samantha HeathLabour Group
726 Express route2002/0095Samantha HeathLabour Group
Transport Policing2002/0096Trevor PhillipsLabour Group
Safer Stations Scheme2002/0098John BiggsLabour Group
Tube Pay Demands2002/0099John BiggsLabour Group
East London Transit2002/0100John BiggsLabour Group
Tube Strike2002/0101John BiggsLabour Group
Monitoring Scheme2002/0102Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Buses and Insurance2002/0103Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Underspend2002/0104Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Varying Length of Buses2002/0105Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Petition by Save Ealing's Streets2002/0106Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Independent Assessor to Judge Congestition Charge2002/0107Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Additional Parking Charges in Wallington2002/0109Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Status of North Circular Road Scheme2002/0111Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Victimisation of Workers2002/0112Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
Failure of TfL to examine guided bus2002/0113Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Consultation over West London Transit Tram2002/0114Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Pre-Consultation Dialogue over West London Transit Tram2002/0115Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Possible Contravention of the 1870 Tramways Act2002/0116Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Working with Borough Councils on West London Transit Scheme2002/0117Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Possible compensation claims from West London Transit scheme2002/0118Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Interfacing West London Transit scehme with Crossrail2002/0119Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Lack of consultation by Ealing Council over West London Transit scheme2002/0120Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Lack of plans for Orbital Public Transport Improvements2002/0121Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Cost of scrapping congestion charging once introduced2002/0122Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Letters received about 272 bus2002/0123Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Letters received about 272 bus from Emlyn and Larden Roads2002/0124Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Appropriateness of 272 Bus Route2002/0125Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Why are some roads now acceptable for 272 Bus2002/0126Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Number of Staff Managing TfL Roads2002/0127Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Number of Staff and their cost appointed by Transport Commissioner2002/0128Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Monitoring Transport for London Road Network stewardship contracts2002/0129Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Comparative costs of TLRN stewardship contracts2002/0130Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Reporting to the GLA of Transport for London's Consultants' costs2002/0131Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Impact of North Circular Road alterations on traffic flow2002/0132Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Possible rat-runs following North Circular Road alterations2002/0133Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Safety Improvements to TfL's road tunnels2002/0134Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Impact of Congestion Charge Implementation on Havering2002/0135Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Impact of Congestion Charge Implementation on Redbridge2002/0136Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Why will East Londoners face toll bridges2002/0137Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
DLR Expansion to Rainham2002/0138Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Dismissing London Underground Managers2002/0139Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Possible Bus Lanes on the North Circular Road2002/0140Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
New circular route2002/0141Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Night time cab fares2002/0142Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Extension of Croydon Tramlink2002/0143Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
TfL Negotiators2002/0144Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Impact of Coulsdon Inner Relief Road2002/0145Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Croydon and Sutton Tramlink2002/0146Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Redeveloping Wembley stations2002/0147Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
Consultation on Crossrail options2002/0148Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
Tube Fare Increase2002/0149Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
Money for TfL Road Maintenance in Wandsworth and Merton2002/0150Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
London Cycle Network2002/0151Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
Maintenance of Adopted TfL Roads2002/0152Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
The Tube2002/0153Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
Transport policy commitments2002/0154Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
London Underground strikes2002/0155Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
Cheap travel rates for children2002/0158Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Blackwall Tunnel2002/0159Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Third Runway at Heathrow2002/0160Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
The Tube2002/0161Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
Bob Crow on the Board of TfL2002/0162Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Buses operating tourist routes2002/0163Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Licenses for tourist buses2002/0164Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Tourist buses2002/0165Angie BrayGLA Conservatives