MQT session on 2008-02-20

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 - 00:00

Session One


Tony Arbour
Jennette Arnold
Richard Barnes
John Biggs
Angie Bray
Brian Coleman
Roger Evans
Nicky Gavron
Sally Hamwee
Elizabeth Howlett
Darren Johnson
Jenny Jones
Valerie Shawcross
Graham Tope
The Mayor
Mike Tuffrey
Bob Blackman
Joanne McCartney
Dee Doocey
Damian Hockney
Murad Qureshi
Peter Hulme Cross
Geoff Pope
Public Private Partnerships2008/0305Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Streamlining police bureaucracy2008/0319Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Mayor's Report2008/0338Jennette ArnoldLabour Group
Waste2008/0341Joanne McCartneyLabour Group
Migrant workers at Olympic Construction Sites2008/0345Jennette ArnoldLabour Group
More money for the Police2008/0351John BiggsLabour Group
Housing Delivery (5)2008/0377Dee DooceyLiberal Democrats
Metronet administration2008/0391Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Tube: industrial relations2008/0392Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Tube station upgrades2008/0397Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Crime Statistics2008/0429Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Olympic Homes2008/0437Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
LDA Legal Fees2008/0475Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Post Offices2008/0479Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Fourth Plinth2008/0489Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Gants Hill Underpass CCTV2008/0506Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Post Office Closures2008/0519Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
LDA2008/0521Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Heathrow Airport2008/0529Damian HockneyOne London Party
Council Tax2008/0533Damian HockneyOne London Party
Oyster card and Congestion charge2008/0534Peter Hulme CrossOne London Party
Youth Offer2008/0539Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Stop and Search2008/0540Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Olympic Low Emission Zone2008/0306Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Aquatics centre2008/0307Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Olympics budget2008/0308Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
An Eco-town for London2008/0309Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Living wage (1)2008/0310Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Living wage (2)2008/0311Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Living wage (3)2008/0312Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
A13 2008/0313Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Olympics energy2008/0314Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Legacy cycling facilities2008/0315Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Used cooking oil bio-diesel 2008/0316Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Health inequalities2008/0317Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Olympics construction phase catering2008/0318Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Effective policing2008/0320Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
1,000 extra police for London (1)2008/0321Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
1,000 extra police for London (2) 2008/0322Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Heathrow expansion2008/0323Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Olympic host city contract 2008/0324Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Olympic transport2008/0325Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Olympics construction safety (1)2008/0326Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Olympics construction safety (2)2008/0327Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Safer neighbourhoods2008/0328Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Opportunities for Olympic caterers2008/0329Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
North Circular Road2008/0330Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Cycling in Ealing2008/0331Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Cycle apprenticeships2008/0332Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Cycle school audits2008/0333Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Protests in Trafalgar Square2008/0334Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Transport links in South West London2008/0335Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Bus driver training2008/0336Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Cross River Tram2008/0337Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Disruption to the District and Piccadilly lines2008/0339Murad QureshiLabour Group
Elephant and Castle2008/0340Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Stoke Newington Gyratory2008/0342Jennette ArnoldLabour Group
Potters Field2008/0343Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Expansion of Heathrow2008/0344Murad QureshiLabour Group
York Hill /Lancaster Avenue/Norwood Rd Pedestrian Crossing2008/0346Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Fleet Accounts - Congestion Charge2008/0347John BiggsLabour Group
Surplus station building at Shoreditch2008/0348John BiggsLabour Group
New contracts for traffic signals2008/0349John BiggsLabour Group
Traffic engineers2008/0350John BiggsLabour Group
Ujima2008/0352John BiggsLabour Group
DLR at Brent Cross2008/0353Murad QureshiLabour Group
Bingo2008/0354Murad QureshiLabour Group
Bugging2008/0355Murad QureshiLabour Group
Bus Stop - Tottenham High Road2008/0357Joanne McCartneyLabour Group
LDA funding2008/0358Joanne McCartneyLabour Group
Bus stops - Harringay, N82008/0359Joanne McCartneyLabour Group
Bus lane - Enfield, N172008/0360Joanne McCartneyLabour Group
East London Line Replacement Buses 12008/0361Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
East London Line Replacement Buses 22008/0362Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Temporary stop for P12 bus2008/0363Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Peckham Rd/Talfourd Road2008/0364Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Youth Offer2008/0365Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Somalia Community2008/0366Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Peckham Area2008/0367Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Bus Route 8162008/0368Jennette ArnoldLabour Group
Small Businesses in Stoke Newington 2008/0369Jennette ArnoldLabour Group
Northern Line2008/0370Jennette ArnoldLabour Group
Buses at Dagenham Heathway2008/0371John BiggsLabour Group
Croydon Community Bus2008/0372Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Housing Delivery (1)2008/0373Dee DooceyLiberal Democrats
Housing Delivery (2)2008/0374Dee DooceyLiberal Democrats
Housing Delivery (4)2008/0375Dee DooceyLiberal Democrats
Housing Delivery (4)2008/0376Dee DooceyLiberal Democrats
Housing Delivery (6)2008/0378Dee DooceyLiberal Democrats
Housing Delivery (7)2008/0379Dee DooceyLiberal Democrats
House Repossessions 2008/0380Dee DooceyLiberal Democrats
Green Grid2008/0381Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Biodiversity Strategy2008/0382Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Biodiversity Action Plan2008/0383Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
20 mph speed limits(1)2008/0384Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
20 mph speed limits(2)2008/0385Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
20 mph speed limits(3)2008/0386Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
DIY Loft Insulation Scheme2008/0387Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Food Strategy2008/0388Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Interceptor Tunnel2008/0389Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Disabled Access at Shepherd's Bush Tube Station2008/0390Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Tube performance2008/0393Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Emissions-related Congestion Charging2008/0394Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Traffic speeds within the Central Zone2008/0395Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Western extension revenues2008/0396Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Step-free access at Tube stations2008/0398Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Cross River Tram north of the river2008/0399Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Dial-A-Ride services: SE London2008/0400Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
East London Line closure2008/0401Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Health Inequality Strategy2008/0402Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Crime on Buses2008/0403Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Tube upgrade timetable2008/0404Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Transits2008/0405Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Kings Cross pedestrian safety2008/0406Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Quieter N111 buses2008/0407Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Job descriptions for Mayoral Advisors2008/0408Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Application Process for Mayoral Appointments2008/0409Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Training for Mayoral Appointments2008/0410Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Bicentenary of Slave Trade budget breakdown2008/0411Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Bicentenary of Slave Trade (2)2008/0412Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Urban Light Railway Barking and Dagenham2008/0413Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Elimination of bus carbon emissions2008/0414Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
St Patricks Day Income2008/0415Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
Contract with Festival Republic Music Group Limited2008/0416Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
Contract with 'Three Company (Creative Consultants) Limited'2008/0417Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
Contracts Agreed Retrospectively2008/0418Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
Sustainability Appraisal DA18742008/0419Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
City Hall Room Hire Waivers 2007/082008/0420Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
Kulture2Couture 2007 2008/0421Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
South Lambeth Road2008/0422Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
London Overground2008/0423Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Problems on buses2008/0424Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Audio Messages on public transport2008/0425Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Carrying alcohol on public transport2008/0426Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
West End Lane, Hampstead2008/0427Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
London Youth Offer2008/0428Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Voluntary organisations 2008/0432Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Arts funding2008/0433Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Super Boroughs 2008/0434Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Bus Route2008/0435Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Bus Route2008/0436Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Affordable Housing Delivery2008/0438Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Affordable Housing Delivery2008/0439Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
London Bridge Development2008/0440Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Light Bulb Amnesty2008/0441Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Light Bulb Amnesty2008/0442Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Housing Land2008/0443Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Housing Land2008/0444Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Housing Land2008/0445Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
London Green Belt2008/0446Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
London Green Belt2008/0447Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
London Green Belt2008/0448Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
GLA payments to outside organisations2008/0449Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
GLA payments to outside organisations2008/0450Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
GLA payments to outside organisations2008/0451Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
GLA payments to outside organisations2008/0452Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
GLA payments to outside organisations2008/0453Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
GLA payments to outside organisations2008/0454Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
GLA payments to outside organisations2008/0455Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
GLA payments to outside organisations2008/0456Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Brixton Base2008/0457Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Venezuelan Information Centre2008/0458Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Cameroon Forum2008/0459Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
1990 Trust2008/0460Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Black Londoners Forum2008/0461Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
African Caribbean Positive Image Foundation2008/0462Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
African Caribbean Positive Image Foundation2008/0463Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Ethnic Business Development Corporation2008/0464Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Ethnic Business Development Corporation2008/0465Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Africa Day2008/0466Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Foreign Travel2008/0467Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Equalities and Diversity Budget2008/0468Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Black Cultural Infrastructure Programme Expenditure2008/0469Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Caribbean Fashion Week2008/0470Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Bi-Centenary of the Abolition of the slave trade 2008/0471Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Bi-Centenary of the Abolition of the slave trade2008/0472Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Deloitte Fees2008/0473Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
LDA Legal Fees2008/0474Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Operation Black Vote2008/0476Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Finborough Road, SW52008/0477Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Shepherds Bush Station closure2008/0478Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Public Art Initiatives2008/0481Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Fourth Plinth2008/0482Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Fourth Plinth2008/0483Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Fourth Plinth2008/0484Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Fourth Plinth2008/0485Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Fourth Plinth2008/0486Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Fourth Plinth2008/0487Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Fourth Plinth2008/0488Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Bus Operator Fines2008/0490Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Shepherd's Bush Station 2008/0491Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Shepherd's Bush Station2008/0492Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Advertising2008/0493Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Northern Line2008/0494Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Northern Line2008/0495Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Yusuf al-Qaradawi2008/0496Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
MPS accommodation2008/0497Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
TfL Grants2008/0498Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Shepherd's Bush Station2008/0499Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Bicycles on Crossrail2008/0500Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
British Transport Police2008/0501Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
373 Bus Route2008/0502Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
373 Bus Route2008/0503Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
London Transport Museum2008/0504Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Station Parking Ban2008/0505Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
LEZ Boundary2008/0507Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Jubilee Line2008/0508Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Low Emission Zone 2008/0509Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Police Recruitment2008/0510Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
20MPH Zones2008/0511Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Victoria Line Early Closure2008/0512Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Knife and Gun Crime2008/0513Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Compulsory Water Metering2008/0514Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Educational Visits to London Zoo2008/0515Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Gypsy and Travellers Site Grant 2008/0516Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Olympic Site Land Values2008/0517Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
LfEPA Appointments2008/0518Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Energy Efficient Light Bulbs2008/0520Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Illegal Mini-Cabs2008/0522Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Taxi Touting2008/0523Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
Obesity 2008/0524Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
Health Inequalities Strategy2008/0525Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
Health Inequalities Strategy2008/0526Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
Thames Gateway2008/0527Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
Get Set London Roadshow 2008/0528Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
2012 Olympics2008/0530Damian HockneyOne London Party
Mayor's Green initiatives2008/0531Peter Hulme CrossOne London Party
The London Assembly2008/0532Damian HockneyOne London Party
Heathrow2008/0535Damian HockneyOne London Party
Non Domicile Londoners2008/0536Peter Hulme CrossOne London Party
Sharia Law2008/0537Peter Hulme CrossOne London Party
Olympics and freedom of speech2008/0538Damian HockneyOne London Party