Plenary session on 2006-12-06

Wednesday, December 6, 2006 - 00:00

Session One


Tony Arbour
Jennette Arnold OBE
John Biggs
Angie Bray
Brian Coleman
Len Duvall OBE
Roger Evans
Nicky Gavron
Sally Hamwee
Darren Johnson
Jenny Jones
Bob Neill
Andrew Pelling
Valerie Shawcross
Graham Tope
Mike Tuffrey
Bob Blackman
Joanne McCartney
Dee Doocey
Damian Hockney
Murad Qureshi
Peter Hulme Cross
Geoff Pope
Peter Hendy (Commissioner, Transport for London)
Brian Coleman
Metronet 2006/0399Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Walking, Cycling and Transport 20252006/0408Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Capacity Enhancement Projects 2006/0416Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Traffic 2006/0417Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Funding2006/0468John BiggsLabour Group
Climate Change 2006/0470Nicky GavronLabour Group
Peckham Rye Overground 2006/0484Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Constructive Engagement 2006/0527Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
Tram Strategy 2006/0528Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Congestion Charge - Additional Costs to Businesses2006/0552Damian HockneyOne London Party
East London Transit and Greenwich Waterfront Transit2006/0393Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Crossrail and Bikes2006/0394Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Crossrail and Bikes2006/0395Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Crossrail and CO2 Emissions2006/0396Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Fares on the Rail Network2006/0397Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Fare Zones 2006/0398Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
PPP2006/0400Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Metronet Cost Over-runs2006/0401Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Metronet Cost Over-runs2006/0402Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Renewable Energy on the Tube2006/0403Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Renewable Energy on the Tube2006/0404Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
School Buses2006/0405Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Tube and Bus Transfer Fees2006/0406Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Walking Modal Share 2006/0407Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Road Safety and Transport 20252006/0409Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Road Safety Advertising 2006/0410Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Signalled Pedestrian Crossings at Junctions2006/0411Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Signalled Pedestrian Crossings at Junctions2006/0412Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Freight Strategy and Climate Change 2006/0413Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
One-way Systems 2006/0414Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Energy Use and Tube Stations PPP Refurbishment 2006/0415Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Anti-social Behaviour 2006/0418Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
East London Transit 2006/0419Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Trams Versus Transits 2006/0420Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Free Travel for Under 16's 2006/0421Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Stratford International Station 2006/0422Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
£25 Congestion Charge 2006/0423Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Tag and Beacon 2006/0424Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Tag and Beacon 2006/0425Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Oyster Readers on Buses 2006/0426Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Bendy Buses 2006/0427Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Bendy Buses 2006/0428Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Bus Contracts 2006/0429Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
School Buses 2006/0430Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Industrial Relations 2006/0431Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
PPP Arbiter 2006/0432Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
TfL Investment Programme Publicity 2006/0433Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
TfL Board Papers 2006/0434Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Traffic Speed Data 2006/0435Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Traffic Speed Data 2006/0436Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Bob Kiley 2006/0437Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Corporate Governance 2006/0438Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Average Bus Speed 2006/0439Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Road Pricing 2006/0440Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Metronet Overspend 2006/0441Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Monday 20th November 2006/0442Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Black Monday 2006/0443Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
TfL Website2006/0444Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
A40 Footbridge2006/0445Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
A40 Footbridge2006/0446Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
£25 Congestion Charge 2006/0447Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
£25 Congestion Charge 2006/0448Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
£25 Congestion Charge 2006/0449Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Western Extension 2006/0450Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Low Emission Zone2006/0451Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Volvo Bus Noise 2006/0452Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
No. 6 Bus 2006/0453Bob BlackmanGLA Conservatives
210, Highfield Way 2006/0454Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Bus Stops at Falloden Way 2006/0455Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Re-routing of Buses on the Vale 2006/0456Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Low Emission Zone2006/0457Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Tolworth Roundabout, A32006/0458Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Bus Lanes 2006/0459Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Twickenham Bridge A3162006/0460Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Malden Rushett Traffic Lights A243/B2802006/0461Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Buses to Ashford Hospital 2006/0462Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Oldfield Road Bus Shelters2006/0463Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
Bus Shelters2006/0464Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
Reducing Car Parking in North Greenwich Station 2006/0465Len Duvall OBELabour Group
Reducing Street Clutter 2006/0466Joanne McCartneyLabour Group
Cycle Access to the Olympic Park 2006/0467Joanne McCartneyLabour Group
Crossrail 2006/0469John BiggsLabour Group
Overground Network 2006/0471Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
PPP2006/0472John BiggsLabour Group
Safer Travel at Night 2006/0473Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Cross River Tram 2006/0474Murad QureshiLabour Group
Fireworks on Buses 2006/0475Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Staffing arrangements on the East London Line 2006/0476Len Duvall OBELabour Group
TfL License Minicabs 2006/0477Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Kingswood Estate 2006/0478Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
A23 Streatham 12006/0479Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
A23 Streatham 22006/0480Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
A23 Streatham 32006/0481Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
East London Line Extension Phase 22006/0482Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Peckham Bus Garage 2006/0483Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Queens Road and the A202 2006/0485Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Brixton Central Square2006/0486Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Fining Drivers Rather than Owners 2006/0487Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Air conditioning on the tube 2006/0488John BiggsLabour Group
Bendy Buses 2006/0489John BiggsLabour Group
Unnecessary bus lanes2006/0490John BiggsLabour Group
Foreign Embassies 2006/0491Murad QureshiLabour Group
Extension of the Congestion Charge Zone 2006/0492Murad QureshiLabour Group
Door-to-Door Campaign 2006/0493Murad QureshiLabour Group
Fully Accessible Public Transport 2006/0494Murad QureshiLabour Group
Route 6 & 522006/0495Murad QureshiLabour Group
`Know what you are getting into' service2006/0496Murad QureshiLabour Group
A40 Acton Bridges Project 12006/0497Murad QureshiLabour Group
A40 Acton Bridges Project 22006/0498Murad QureshiLabour Group
Updated Freight Strategy2006/0499Murad QureshiLabour Group
Litter Bins at Bus Stops 2006/0500Murad QureshiLabour Group
Sparks Project 2006/0501Murad QureshiLabour Group
LED Technology 2006/0502Murad QureshiLabour Group
Dial-a-Ride Systems 2006/0503Murad QureshiLabour Group
Tube Line Upgrades 2006/0504Murad QureshiLabour Group
More Hybrid Buses2006/0505Joanne McCartneyLabour Group
PCSO's2006/0506Joanne McCartneyLabour Group
W8 & 191 Routes 2006/0507Joanne McCartneyLabour Group
Facilities/maintenance of aids at crossings for the blind/partially sighted2006/0508Joanne McCartneyLabour Group
Unique ID numbers on TFL Street Furniture2006/0509Joanne McCartneyLabour Group
Step-free Access 2006/0510Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Accidents involving children 2006/0511Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Smoking in Public Places Ban 2006/0512Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Traffic Light Phasing on Lea Bridge Road 2006/0513Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Route 3882006/0514Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Route 2422006/0515Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Bus Shelter on St. Paul's Road, Islington 2006/0516Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Additional Bus Stops on Cazenove Road, Hackney2006/0517Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Traffic Lights in Cazenove Road, Hackney2006/0518Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Music on Buses Poster Campaign 2006/0519Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Music on Buses Enforcement 2006/0520Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Student Oyster Cards and Reduced Price Travelcards 2006/0521Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Riverboats 2006/0522Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Education Strategies 2006/0523Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Audio-visual Advertising on Buses 2006/0524Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Light Controlled Pedestrian Crossing 2006/0525Len Duvall OBELabour Group
PPP Contract 2006/0526Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Regarding London Boroughs 2006/0529Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Key Achievements 2006/0530Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Park and Ride 2006/0531Dee DooceyLiberal Democrats
Express Bus Services 2006/0532Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Anti-social Behaviour on Buses 2006/0533Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
A206 2006/0534Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Suburban Rail 2006/0535Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Encouraging use of Eurostar 2006/0536Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Transfers at Stratford 2006/0537Dee DooceyLiberal Democrats
Removal of Bus Stops 2006/0538Geoff PopeLiberal Democrats
Waterloo and City Line2006/0539Damian HockneyOne London Party
London Underground Signalling System2006/0540Damian HockneyOne London Party
DLR and London Underground2006/0541Peter Hulme CrossOne London Party
Oyster Cards2006/0542Damian HockneyOne London Party
Bus Tickets2006/0543Peter Hulme CrossOne London Party
Oyster Cards2006/0544Damian HockneyOne London Party
Low Emission Zone - Objectives2006/0545Peter Hulme CrossOne London Party
Low Emission Zone - Public Consultation Process2006/0546Peter Hulme CrossOne London Party
Palestra Building2006/0547Damian HockneyOne London Party
TfL Salaries2006/0548Damian HockneyOne London Party
Zonal Fares for London Suburban Trains - Introduction of Smart Ticketing2006/0549Peter Hulme CrossOne London Party
Zonal Fares for London Suburban Trains - Price Increases2006/0550Peter Hulme CrossOne London Party
Bob Kiley2006/0551Damian HockneyOne London Party