Plenary session on 2004-01-14

Wednesday, January 14, 2004 - 00:00

Session One


Eric Ollerenshaw
Bob Neill
Andrew Pelling
Toby Harris
Nicky Gavron
Brian Coleman
Sally Hamwee
Valerie Shawcross
Sir Ken Knight (Commissioner LFEPA)
Meg Hillier
John Biggs
Jenny Jones
Lynne Featherstone
Richard Barnes
Graham Tope
Angie Bray
Noel Lynch
Darren Johnson
Elizabeth Howlett
Mike Tuffrey
Samantha Heath
Tony Arbour
Ken Livingstone
Jennette Arnold OBE
Toby Harris
Diana Johnson
Len Duvall OBE
Roger Evans
Coulsdon Inner Relief Road2004/0003Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Stratford2004/0009Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Workplace Parking Levy2004/0018Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Underspend2004/0031Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Westward Extension of Congestion Charging2004/0032Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
Quality of Service2004/0037Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Junction dangers in Southwark2004/0065Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Congestion Charging2004/0068Len Duvall OBELabour Group
Congestion Charge Zone Expansion2004/0113Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Consultation2004/0118Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
TfL Free travel2004/0155Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
TSG2004/0002Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Cycle and pedestrian pathway, Addington Village2004/0002Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Phasing of traffic signals2004/0004Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Easing congestion at East Croydon/NLA roundabouts2004/0005Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Integrated connection between West Croydon rail and tram stops2004/0007Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Raising platform heights at Waddon and West Croydon railway stations2004/0008Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Crossrail2004/0010Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Cheam High Street no right turn2004/0014Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Changes to bus services affecting St Helier2004/0015Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Orbi-rail2004/0019Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Crossrail2004/0020Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
Windfall gains for bus operating companies2004/0021Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
Bus schedules2004/0022Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
Crossrail and infrastructure financing2004/0023Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Transport Consultations2004/0024Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
Evictions2004/0025Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Oxford Street2004/0026Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
East London Line Extension2004/0027Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
Customer information on buses2004/0028Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
Parking for powered two-wheelers2004/0029Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Spending Priorities2004/0030Mike TuffreyLiberal Democrats
Walking and Cycling2004/0033Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Track and Signalling Upgrades2004/0034Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
London Underground Customer Information2004/0035Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Cycling / More London2004/0036Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
Congestion Charging2004/0038John BiggsLabour Group
East London/Greenwich Waterfront Transit2004/0039John BiggsLabour Group
National Rail Improvements2004/0040John BiggsLabour Group
Routemasters2004/0041John BiggsLabour Group
603 Bus2004/0042John BiggsLabour Group
A13 between Canning Town and Dagenham2004/0043John BiggsLabour Group
Thames Gateway Bridge2004/0044John BiggsLabour Group
Whitechapel Station 'Interchange'2004/0045John BiggsLabour Group
Town Centre/Pedestrian Circulation Improvement Schemes2004/0046John BiggsLabour Group
24-Hour Cycle Lanes2004/0047Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Policing the Underground2004/0048Diana JohnsonLabour Group
Policing Tramlink2004/0049Samantha HeathLabour Group
Access to buses2004/0050Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Industrial Relations2004/0051John BiggsLabour Group
Congestion Charging2004/0052Samantha HeathLabour Group
Road Safety2004/0053Toby HarrisLabour Group
Transport Strategy2004/0054Toby HarrisLabour Group
Street Nameplates2004/0055Toby HarrisLabour Group
Street Signage/Emergency Vehicle Response2004/0056Toby HarrisLabour Group
Archway2004/0057Meg HillierLabour Group
Tesco Development on the A24 opposite Clapham South Tube2004/0058Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Central Line2004/0059Meg HillierLabour Group
No 4 bus service2004/0060Meg HillierLabour Group
No 158 bus2004/0061Meg HillierLabour Group
Bus Bunching2004/0062Meg HillierLabour Group
Angel Junction2004/0063Meg HillierLabour Group
Operation Solstice2004/0064Meg HillierLabour Group
Interphone Telephones Brixton Road2004/0066Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
London's Buses2004/0067Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Red Routes - Effective Signing and Lining2004/0069Diana JohnsonLabour Group
Brixton Town Centre2004/0070Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Traffic Lights at East Dulwich Grove/Townley Road2004/0071Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Promotion of Cycling2004/0072Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Enforcement of Stoplines2004/0073Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Enforcement - Two-wheeled Motor Vehicles2004/0074Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Safer Walking and Cycling2004/0075Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Speeding Cars2004/0076Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Road Management Schemes2004/0077Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
TOCU2004/0078Samantha HeathLabour Group
Air Quality in London2004/0079Samantha HeathLabour Group
London Bridge Underground Station2004/0080Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
Victoria Underground Station2004/0081Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
Green Park Station2004/0082Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
Oxford Circus Station2004/0083Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
Paddington Station2004/0084Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
Bank Station2004/0085Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
Crossrail and green belt2004/0086Noel LynchCity Hall Greens
Crossrail: West London routes2004/0087Noel LynchCity Hall Greens
Public toilet facilities at tube stations2004/0088Noel LynchCity Hall Greens
Public toilet facilites at bus interchanges2004/0089Noel LynchCity Hall Greens
Bus Depot Business Case2004/0090Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Impact of WLT on Bus Passengers in West London2004/0091Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
TfL Planning Process for Bus Depot2004/0092Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Bus Routes Served from Proposed Bus Depot2004/0093Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Cost of new Bus Depot2004/0094Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Operator for Bus Depot2004/0095Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Alternative Sites for Bus Depot2004/0096Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Impact of White City Development2004/0097Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Bus Depot Safety Assessment2004/0098Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
WLT and Ealing and Acton Town Centres2004/0099Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
TOCU and Borough Operations2004/0100Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
TOCU Performance Measures2004/0101Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Operations against Illegal Mini Cabs2004/0102Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
TOCU & Mini Cabs with No Insurance2004/0103Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
Oyster Card Scheme2004/0104Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Freedom Passes2004/0105Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Taxis (2004 fare rises)2004/0106Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Taxis (2004 fare rises)2004/0107Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Overground Rail2004/0108Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Surface Transport (buses)2004/0109Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Underground2004/0110Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Roads2004/0111Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Speed cameras2004/0112Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Congestion Charge Zone Expansion2004/0114Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Bus Route 18 Proposals2004/0115Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Bus Route 18 Proposals2004/0116Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Bus Route 18 Proposals2004/0117Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
213 Bus2004/0119Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
465 Fulwell to Dorking bus service2004/0120Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Youths marauding on South West trains2004/0121Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Bbroken Rails2004/0122Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
235 Bus Route2004/0123Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
117 Bus route2004/0124Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
490 Bus route2004/0125Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
285 service2004/0126Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
111 bus service2004/0127Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
H25 bus service2004/0128Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Bus shelters2004/0129Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
North Sheen Railway Station2004/0130Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
District Line Service to Richmond2004/0131Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Crossrail/District Line2004/0132Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Turnham Green Station2004/0133Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
TfL road network in the London Boroughs of Bexley and Bromley2004/0134Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
Footpath along the A212004/0135Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
Thames Road Erith2004/0136Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
Cleaning and maintainance of the TfL road network2004/0137Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
Road Cleaning and Maintenance costs2004/0138Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
Bus Stops2004/0139Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
B11 Bus2004/0140Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
Bus Routes - Mayor's economic, spatial and environmental strategies?2004/0141Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
Olympic Games - Transport2004/0142Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
Fare Increases - South Eastern Trains2004/0143Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
382 bus2004/0144Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Level of usage on the 382 rout2004/0145Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Bus Services2004/0146Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
268 Bus Service2004/0147Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Northern Line2004/0148Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Road Humps2004/0149Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Traffic-calming schemes2004/0150Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
t Apex Corner2004/0151Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
"good service" on the Underground,2004/0152Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Extension of Congestion Charge Zone.2004/0153Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
TfL free travel2004/0154Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
TfL Budget2004/0156Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
TfL Staff Turnover2004/0157Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives