MQT session on 2001-01-24

Wednesday, January 24, 2001 - 00:00

Session One


Victor Anderson
Tony Arbour
Jennette Arnold OBE
Richard Barnes
John Biggs
Louise Bloom
Angie Bray
Brian Coleman
Roger Evans
Lynne Featherstone
Nicky Gavron
Sally Hamwee
Toby Harris
Samantha Heath
Meg Hillier
Elizabeth Howlett
Darren Johnson
Jenny Jones
Bob Neill
Eric Ollerenshaw
Andrew Pelling
Valerie Shawcross
Graham Tope
The Mayor
Planning and Development Control2001/0002Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Plannign and Development Control2001/0003Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Major Items of Expenditure2001/0004Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Advisory Cabinet2001/0005Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Cultural Inititiatives2001/0006Jennette Arnold OBELabour Group
Transport for London2001/0012Nicky GavronLabour Group
Lord Rogers2001/0001Eric OllerenshawGLA Conservatives
National Audit Office2001/0007John BiggsLabour Group
Transport for London2001/0008John BiggsLabour Group
London Underground Strike2001/0009John BiggsLabour Group
More London Bridge2001/0010John BiggsLabour Group
Stratford Station2001/0011John BiggsLabour Group
Holocaust Memorial Day2001/0013Toby HarrisLabour Group
Uxbridge Road Train Link2001/0014Toby HarrisLabour Group
Bob Kiley2001/0015Samantha HeathLabour Group
Litter Bins2001/0016Meg HillierLabour Group
Traffic Lights2001/0017Meg HillierLabour Group
Sellar Properties2001/0018Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Police staff2001/0019Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Bus Routes Contract2001/0020Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Jubilee Gardens2001/0021Valerie ShawcrossLabour Group
Croydon Traffic Police Garage2001/0022Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Westminster Bridge - Traffic2001/0023Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Taxicard2001/0024Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
ALG's Leaders committee2001/0025Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Coulsdon College2001/0026Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Council Tax Subsidy Limitation2001/0027Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
District Line2001/0028Tony ArbourGLA Conservatives
Metropolitan Police Service2001/0029Richard BarnesGLA Conservatives
PPP2001/0030Angie BrayGLA Conservatives
Brent Cross Shopping Centre2001/0031Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Brent Cross car parking2001/0032Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Brent Cross multi-storey car park2001/0033Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Brent Cross - jobs2001/0034Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Brent Cross consultation2001/0035Brian ColemanGLA Conservatives
Policing2001/0036Roger EvansGLA Conservatives
Meetings on Police Budget2001/0037Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
Edmonton Waste Incinerator2001/0038Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Health and Safety2001/0039Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Equalities Group2001/0040Victor AndersonCity Hall Greens
Secondees2001/0041Victor AndersonCity Hall Greens
Former British Gas Site, Kingston2001/0042Louise BloomLiberal Democrats
Crack Related Murders2001/0043Louise BloomLiberal Democrats
Tube Sell Off2001/0044Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
Sports and Leisure Facilities2001/0045Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal Democrats
Low Morale within London Underground2001/0046Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
District Line2001/0047Sally HamweeLiberal Democrats
MORI poll2001/0048Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Partnership with Tokyo2001/0049Graham TopeLiberal Democrats
Crossing the Border2001/0050Andrew PellingGLA Conservatives
Biodiversity2001/0051Darren JohnsonCity Hall Greens
Road Network Street Improvements2001/0052Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
Sir Alistair Morton2001/0053Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
New GLA Building2001/0054Bob NeillGLA Conservatives
Congestion Charging2001/0055Jenny JonesCity Hall Greens
Wandsworth Housing2001/0056Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
Notting Hill Carnival2001/0057Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives
London Underground2001/0058Elizabeth HowlettGLA Conservatives